No ImageTuna Casserole

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  1. Lauren

    Hi Elise, I’ve loved your site for many years and made many yummy things from it. I made this tonight because I happened to have broccoli in my produce box and it seemed simple and straight forward. I thought I had cream of whatever in my pantry but I did not, so I used this recipe – and the rest as written. I also had a larger bag of egg noodles so I splashed in some extra milk. Looks great, can’t wait to dive in when it cools a bit. What I tasted off my spoon when mixing was delicious. I wonder if I could do part of this in the Instant Pot and then brown with the chips in the oven…hmmm.


  2. Hedi

    I’ve been making this recipe consistently since I discovered it many years ago. My then toddler gobbled it up and still does to this day as a 7 year old along with his younger 3 year old sister. Modification includes adding broccoli AND peas because why not? I also just make the “sauce” part of this without making it into a casserole and split it into 4 or 5 batches to freeze. For an easy meal, defrost a batch and boil up some noodles and mix together. I omit the chips and baking so it’s not a true casserole. I’ll have to make it the right way sometime but this method is still delicious!


  3. Rachel

    Anyone tried it with organic diced tomatoes?

  4. Anne

    So my mom’s recipe for this was, in a casserole dish, a layer of potato chips, a layer of tuna, a layer of (possibly thinned) cream of mushroom soup. Repeat until you run out of ingredients. No noodles, no veggies, nothing but those three things. VERY tuna-y, very potato chippy, very out-of-this-worldy!

  5. Angie

    Dad never liked peas so Mom always put corn in ours – another great substitute if you have it on hand. I was happy to see my kids enjoy as much as I did as a kid.

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