No ImageTuna Macaroni Salad

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  1. Sharala

    Sounds pretty much like my standby. Alwayx use celery, onion, dtried dill and frssb or dried parsley. Mayo of course. Suggestion for crisp leftovers: Reserve enough tuna mac mixture for next day and chill separately. don’t add lettuce until time to serve. If you need more first time, just pull out of fridge and tear up some more lettuce. :-)

  2. Stacie

    Wasn’t sure about celery and peppers in this type of dish so I’m glad I found your recipe to match the veggies I needed to use up anyway! A couple dashes of cayenne pepper and a packet of Taco Bell hot sauce sets it right off!!!

  3. Jennifer

    Try substituting Smoked Paprika for a bolder smoky flavor.

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  4. Kata Szabo

    I just started making some pasta salad as I’m just super lazy today…the water just started boiling when I came across your recipe! :) Always great inspiration and always delicious!!

    Thank you!


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  5. Sally

    My mom, who died when I was in high school (and I’m past retirement age now), made a salad similar to this. I’ve been making it at least every two weeks throughout the summer for years. There are quite a few differences in her recipe, but the common elements are the macaroni, tuna, onion, celery, paprika, and mayonnaise. She used 1/4-1/3 cup sliced pimento stuffed olives instead of the bell pepper and no lettuce. Based on your recipe, I’ve added the lemon juice and parsley, but not the olive oil — yet. A summer favorite!

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