No ImageTuna Patties

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  1. Melissa

    I use saltine crackers crushed up instead of bread always come out great.

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  2. Jacqueline

    I failed to mention, I put mine on a well-oiled broiler pan and grill them, they get a beautiful color and taste great (approx. 5 minutes each side). I also have added some bell pepper on my previous time, and that’s a great way to sneak in some veggies for kids with few teeth or picky eaters!

  3. Jacqueline

    This is my second time with this recipe, so I can attest that the chilling really would help! I (accidentally) skipped that step this time, and the patties certainly want to fall to pieces as their cooking. I swapped for salmon this time, therefore I used 2TBSP lemon juice and I added some dried dill weed.


  4. Julie Garland

    Added a little chopped sweet pepper and they are great!


  5. Trudie

    Absolute failure- Patties didn’t firm up even after adding a further half a cup of breadcrumbs, fell apart in the pan.


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