Best Ever Tuna Salad Sandwich

Best ever tuna salad sandwich! Uses tuna, canned or freshly cooked, cottage cheese, mayo, red onion, celery, capers, lemon, parsley, dill, and Dijon.

  • Prep time: 5 minutes


  • 1 (5 or 6 ounce) can of tuna fish (drained, if packed in water, drain it, and add a teaspoon of good quality olive oil to the tuna)
  • 1/3 cup of cottage cheese
  • 2 Tablespoons of mayonaise
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped red onion
  • 1 celery stalk, finely chopped (about 1/2 cup)
  • 1 Tbsp of capers
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
  • Pinch or two of dill
  • 2 Tbsp minced fresh parsley
  • 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard
  • (optional - lettuce and sliced tomatoes)
  • Sliced bread, lightly toasted


Mix all of the ingredients. Serve on toast, either open faced, or in a regular sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes. For a low carb option, serve on sliced lettuce.

tuna-salad-sandwich-method-1 tuna-salad-sandwich-method-2

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  • Janice

    This was so good! Best tuna salad for sure!!! Thank you for sharing the recipe!!! I made a double batch for myself as well as for my Dad for his 84th birthday. Not much he needs so I get him food items or make some meals as a gift. He enjoyed it as well.

  • Peggy

    This was delicious! Made it just as the recipe stated and everyone in my family loved it!

  • becky

    did you post correctly when you stated that this recipe makes 1 sandwich….really? just seems like it would make more than one…please let me know….using a regular slice of bread from a loaf of wonder/bimbo/natures own etc.. i am making this for our church festival this weekend….thank you

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Becky, I’m looking to where I said that it makes one sandwich and I don’t see it. Looking at the recipe I think it makes at least 2 sandwiches. But it all depends on how big the slices of bread you are using and how thick with tuna salad you want your sandwich to be.

      • becky

        ok thank you…..and it was your reply to dawn that you stated 1 big sandwich or 2 small ones….
        can’t wait to try it….will try to remember pic for you

  • Lols

    I remember making this years ago and loving it at the time. Do you have any thoughts on how it would be with salmon? Would it change it drastically? I ask because I prefer to cook fresh fish and shred it (the nutrients in fish that help my ADD seem more potent that way) and I have an easier time finding salmon these days.

  • Jeremy

    have you ever tried using the ventresca tinned tuna? it is the belly cut, from spain – Ortiz brand. So creamy.

  • Daniel

    I use 1 – 1/2 tsp dried tarragon in lieu of fresh parsley…most folks don’t have fresh parsley for these quick recipes anyway.

  • Deborah Conners

    This is similar to the tuna salad my mother made as well, except she used chopped green olives instead of capers. The olives gave it a similar briney flavor. Delicious!

  • Andrew

    No cucumber? Surely every tuna sandwich must have cucumber in? Thanks for the recipe

  • Patricia

    Love tuna salad, but I don’t love the downsizing of tuna cans. Wild Planet is especially annoying. You can get two servings out of the old 7-oz cans of tuna (still available at Costco) but only one from a 5-oz can. Do the tuna companies really think they are fooling us?

  • Joanna

    Wow! This was amazing! I made it exactly as written, excepti forgot the dill. This will be my new go-tos, Simply Recipes scores again. :)


  • Lynda

    Love this. I used chopped dill pickles instead of capers and dill. Seems to cover the texture and flavor with less ingredients……….yummmy.

  • Jarec

    Thank you so much for this recipe…. Made it twice and loved it both times…. Followed recipe to the tee on first try and loved it….. Then added apple and hard boiled egg on next try…. As suggested by another viewers comment….. This will always be my household tuna recipe from now on….. My old household tuna recipe consisted of canned tuna, mayonnaise, and lettuce….ugh?…… So, thank you again for opening my eyes to another version of an old classic…..

  • Katie

    I love tuna and this is the BEST recipe for a tuna sandwich I have ever made. Followed the recipe exactly! mmmmm can’t wait for tomorrow’s lunch! :)

  • Barbara

    Best Tuna Sanduíche EVER!!! Officially addicted.

  • sarah

    this recipes is amazing love to make it
    but i’m allergen to mayonnaise so i was wandering what else i can use

    • Elise

      Hi Sara, I recommend my avocado tuna salad sandwich. The avocado takes the place of the mayo.

    • Emma

      Try veganaise! Delicious and kind :)

    • Lonnie

      I tried sour cream instead of mayo it enhances the flavor

  • Karoline

    If you have a Costco near you you can buy the troll caught Wild Planet canned tuna for 6 for $15. Sure beats paying $4-5 per can at Whole Foods :)

    • Elise

      Oh, I didn’t know Costco carried Wild Planet. Thanks for letting us know, what a deal!

  • Paul Bullock

    This is a really great tuna recipe. I love the lightness of it. I modified it just a bit by using ricotta instead of cottage cheese, primarily because I had ricotta on hand. Although a little bland, it was a great substitute to more mayo. I think I will add fresh sharp apple to it, gruyere and broil just enough to melt the cheese. Maybe a hard boiled egg as well. Thank you for sharing. First time I’ve been inspired by tuna fish in years.

    • Jarec

      Thanks for the extra tips… I put apple and hard boiled egg in mine…. Made a big difference…. Loved it

  • Terry Smith

    Great recipe!! I always use the tuna packed in the foil pkg and I added pickles since in did not have any capers on hand. Next time I will make it exactly as you described.

    • Elise

      I’m so glad you liked it Terry!

  • Sandy S

    Tuna sandwiches should be in any book of all American Eating! Along with potato salad and Waldorf Salad, there are as many ways to make tuna salad as the law allows. My standard tuna salad varies greatly according to what I have on hand but usually always include chopped celery, onion of one form or another and a little dill or dill relish. It sometimes includes a finely chopped hard boiled egg. (A good way to stretch a can of tuna!) Other possible additions are a chopped and drain tomato, finely chopped cilantro or parsley and sliced black or green olives. These days my tuna salad is often served sunny-side-up on a small green salad or rice cake. Back-in-the-day, more often than not, it was grilled in a cast iron skillet with or without cheese and using caraway rye bread. I highly recommend trying this for those who can afford the calories. I am looking forward to trying your parent’s version, Elise! It looks very yummy!

  • Bruce Jonathan Fick

    Tuna fish sandwiches are a staple in my household. My mom used to
    flavor them up with curry & pineapple bits. I”ve usualy kept it to tuna,
    mayo, Romaine lettuce, and vine ripened tomatoes. perhaps with a
    thin slice of Swiss or Gouda cheese on toasted seeded Rye w/ soup,
    But your recipe sounds immaginative. I blog all your recipes, Elise.
    You’re the best. As Billy Chrystal said mimicing Fernando Llamas:

    • Elise

      Thanks Bruce! (Love the Billy Crystal quote, “you rook maaahvalus”!)

  • Dawn

    Hate to be picky… but…. serving size? One sandwich? Two? Not four, I am sure. I want to try this, but I don’t want to waste it by making too much! I know it depends on the can size, but most tuna cans we buy are about enough for 1 hungry person, or 1.5 less hungry :) Just never made it with cottage cheese, so i was looking for little guidance. Thank you, Elise!

    • Elise

      Hi Dawn, depends on your appetite and the size of your sliced bread. The recipe makes enough for 1 large sandwich or 2 smaller ones.

      • Dawn

        Thank you very much, Elise. I was planning to make a “pullman” loaf this weekend (think ~4″ square slices), so it sounds like this would perfectly fill two sandwiches. Very helpful.

        • Dawn

          Wow, what a great recipe! I used Chicken of the Sea tuna, which comes in much bigger cans, so I had plenty for 3 sandwiches. The cottage cheese is pure genius – its creamy saltiness is perfect with tuna, completely overcoming any perception of dryness that tuna can have sometimes. Very nice.

          • Elise

            I’m so glad you liked it! Cottage cheese is a great way to stretch the tuna, and it tastes great too.

  • Michael

    Great summer recipe, never thought to try mustard in the mix! To save time my own recipe uses onion powder and celery seeds, and bagal toasting the bread to make the inside softer and the outside crunchy :)

  • Bebe

    Love tuna salad, but our family recipe is far simpler. (And I love capers, but no cottage cheese in tuna, please!)

    Tuna (Costco’s Kirkland brand albacore is a slightly larger flat can and excellent quality

    Best Foods (Hellman’s) Real Mayonnaise (this is a must)

    Chopped fresh celery

    That’s it. No other stuff. Those who like pickles can pop a slice or ? into their sandwiches. But this is so pure and good, they’ll probably leave it alone. Makes a superb tuna melt with cheddar cheese – we like extra sharp.

    • Janna

      The tuna sounded weird to me initially as well but I went with it and it is really good. It’s hard to describe what it adds but I’m planning on making the same recipe again next week for lunches, I like it that much. Override your initial judgement and try it, you might find you like it as much as I did.

    • russell

      I’m with you bebe, I tried this out of curiosity, but was very disappointed with how bland it was. Needed salt and pepper to make it edible for me. If it aint broke dont fix it,lol

  • Claudia

    Reading the recipe I was skeptical of adding the cottage cheese, but your recipes have never let me down so I tried this recipe as written. The recipe is delicious! Thank you. Next time I will try sweet pickles. Thanks again.

  • jun pyo


  • lerma

    its yummy just made for my hubby,thanks for the wonderful recipe..

  • Greg Pearman

    Just like a few of the other people I was looking for a new tuna salad recipe for sandwiches. I liked the thought of celery and cottage cheese in it. I went to the store, got all of the stuff, including the capers. I added two hard-boiled eggs, and 1/2 sliced tomato. I actually doubled-up the recipe. After I mixe4d it all up, I took the first bite, It is soooo dang good! I will keep this recipe forever, It is just killer!! Thanks so much to whoever put this together! WOW! I put it on a butter-grilled croissant, Amazing!! Thank-you, Greg

  • Jessie D

    Great recipe!! Simple but extreamly satisfying..I am a big eater,I enjoy big hearty,savory meals..I am definately a mean and potatoes kind of guy. I recommend using a multi grain bread versus french and I have even substituted the cottage cheese for a finely diced mexican canela cheese. Ladies three cans of tuna should be more than enough to satisfy even the biggest eater!

  • cali

    This is a great recipe!!

  • Amy

    I omitted the cottage cheese and added some chopped chives instead of parsley, no pickles or capers – just what I had on hand and it was very good.

  • Cassandra F

    Best tuna salad recipe ever! I ate it all in one serving it was sooooo good! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Tiffany

    I made this the other day for my husband and he and i loved it!! He said it taste just like a restaurants recipe:) Making it again tonight. Thanks!!

  • Douglas Hoag

    This is our family’s all time favorite.

    This tuna-cucumber-pasta recipe delivers amazing fresh flavors and has always been a favorite whenever it has been served. Guaranteed to be the WOW factor of your meal.


    1 (8 oz.) pkg. rotini or elbow macaroni pasta (rotini preferred, tri-color fun for summer), rotilli may be borderline on the too large side
    1 cup mayonnaise
    ½ cup Italian dressing (I think Good Seasons is superior to Wish Bone)
    1 Tbsp. prepared yellow mustard
    2 Tbsps. fresh dill weed, chopped fine or 1 Tbsp dried dill weed
    2 cups cucumber, peeled, halved lengthwise, seeded, then each half cut in two lengthwise again and then sliced thinly (¼”)
    1½ cups diced tomato
    ¼ – ½ cup green pepper, diced
    ¼ cup scallions, chopped
    2 ribs celery, chopped
    1 tsp. salt
    ¼ tsp. ground black pepper
    2 (7 oz.) cans albacore tuna in water, well drained by pressing lid hard on tuna while holding can upside down over sink (Costco Solid White Albacore tuna is wonderful! Bumblebee albacore in water second)

    Prepare macaroni or pasta as directed on package.

    Combine mayonnaise, Italian dressing, mustard, and dill. Add pasta to dressing and mix well.

    Place vegetables and tuna in salad bowl. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

    Add pasta and dressing mixture and toss all ingredients gently. Refrigerate, covered, at least 4 hours before serving.

  • Suzanne

    Excellent tuna salad! I love to cook but my hubby is a fussy, fussy eater and can be very hard to cook for, so when I find a recipe he loves I’m thrilled! At least once a week he very sweetly asks me if I can make my “special tuna sammywich” for his lunch. It is so easy, inexpensive and delicious that I’m delighted to whip up a batch. Thanks again for working your magic Elise!

  • Priyanka

    Lovely! I didnt have any lemons so mixed in a little sugar & some balsamic vinegar & subbed low fat feta for the cottage cheese, bell peppers for the celery + olives… raided my pantry! Loveeeeed it over romaine lettuce. Am on a salad diet so needed some variation from the routine.
    Thanks so much!

  • Jenn

    This was sooo delicious, thank you! It was just what I was craving! I also made your strawberry rhubarb-orange pie, with your butter pie crust recipe, and it was also wonderful. Thank you again for the wonderful recipes… To echo Motyka, I tend to be a ‘tweaker,’ but your recipes are so fine tuned, making that unnecessary and saving me time and disappointment. The benefits of the hard work behind the recipes are reaped quite often in my kitchen :). Thanks for sharing!

  • Ashley

    So good! I was looking for something a little more classic and this has a wonderful taste, perfect summer lunch.

  • Marilyn

    To make it a little lighter on the fat, substitute 1 of the tablespoon’s of mayo with 1 T of low or non-fat GREEK yogurt. Greek yogurt has a thick consistency like the mayo, so do NOT use normal plain yogurt. The reason the mayo is still in there is so you can still get the taste of the mayo. This will work in other recipes that call for mayo as well. I can’t stand light or non-fat mayo because it has added sugar and just doesn’t taste right. But this is perfect!

    Oh, and I’m SO in love with this recipe. I won’t eat tuna unless it’s swimming in mayo, or it’s a quality fresh tuna steak from the butcher. This is so light and refreshing and I will be making it all the time now!!

  • Motyka

    I was looking for a simple, easy tuna recipe that wasn’t just tuna and the traditional mayonnaise, and here it is! (White canned tuna, though tasty, apparently has a high mercury content, and recommended consumption is once per week or less… ) SO, I doubled this recipe and used one can of white and one can of light tuna, and shared with people at work. I opted to add my own olive oil instead of buying the tuna packed in oil. I used less lemon and parsley (not because I thought the recipe needed tweaking, but because I just didn’t have quite as much). I did however use half the amount of mayo to cut back on processed fat. It was SO good! I had it on an organic whole wheat wrap with lettuce and tomato. I made everyone at work on lunch break try this, and they all insisted I give them the recipe- at which point I happily shared your blog. I just made it again this week using the canned salmon from Trader Joe’s and equally yum! (Salmon is high in Omega 3, and LOW in mercury content).

    I also want to add that this my first comment ever and as much as I love the zen of cooking creations, your site has made a recipe junkie! I have been disappointed so many times to give up my creative spirit to follow a recipe EXACTLY, and then get to the end and disappointment. BUT, I haven’t been disappointed yet with your recipes followed as written. Simple and perfect.


  • Wodrian

    Oh MY Gosh!! I found this recipe this weekend. I thought this will spice up my brown bag lunch for work. DELICIOUS!! I had to double the recipe, since i couldn’t find 6oz can Tuna…only found 12oz can. Instead of french bread, I just used whole grain bread. This recipe is great!! My husband loved it too. Can’t go back to the old-fashion tuna sandwich. LOVE IT!!

  • Jen

    Okay, so this is the best tuna salad ever. I didn’t have purple onion so I used a green onion instead, and I didn’t have capers on hand (not a big fan of them anyway) but I thought the salad could benefit from a brine-y flavor, so I added a little liquid from a jar of olives.

    I almost forgot to add the olive oil and I’m glad I didn’t because it REALLY ties the flavors all together. I love the addition of the cottage cheese as sometimes tuna salad feels too “bogged down” with mayo. I’ll never make a boring, plain tuna sandwich again. :)

  • loeldean

    If you don’t have capers on hand, try coarsely chopped green olives. The ones stuffed with garlic are especially good.

  • John

    I made this almost exactly (my capers were bad so I threw them out and I used dry parsley) a few weeks ago. It was outstanding. So much so, I am making it again for my lunch this week.

  • Caz

    I didn’t have any dill or celery (used celery salt), and I added in 3 hardboiled eggs… but OMG… YUM!!!! Like everyone says… best tuna sandwich…. EVER! :) Will also definitely become a staple in my household…. God bless NZ and Japan at this time! Peace!

  • Tricia

    BEST tuna recipe I have ever made! I added a spicier mustard because that was all I had. This will be one of my staples.

  • tullius

    Not bad. How to make it better: ditch the cottage cheese and replace with grated sharp cheddar, add chopped green olives and a touch of balsamic. Rest unchanged. You’ll want the tomatoes & romaine lettuce.

  • Patrick O'Connell

    I agree with everyone that this is the best tuna salad recipe they’ve ever made. Replacing some of the mayonnaise with cottage cheese gives it extraordinary freshness (and lightness)!

    I put capers in lot’s of things (especially my pasta sauces), but I didn’t have any at the time, and made this without. I’ll try it with them next time, but I don’t they’ll add much to this recipe.

    I like the dill, but go easy on it you have picky eaters.

    I added a little bit of crisp apple (I usually do this with my tuna salads), it adds texture and sweetness. For the person who added sugar, I suggest adding apple instead.

  • s

    Thank you for this recipe. I used all the ingredients you listed, but added salt, pepper, and a touch of sugar. It went well with these sides: toasted challah bread slices, tomatoes slices, and bite sized pieces of aged gouda cheese.

    I love how light and refreshing this salad tastes and isn’t overwhelmed with mayo.

  • Terry

    I am short on capers and dill at the moment (am visiting friends) and also am somewhat personally averse to cottage cheese.

    Since I can never leave a recipe alone, I wonder if you could sub in some ricotta cheese for the cottage cheese? Also, I happen to really like either finely-chopped almonds/cashews/water chestnuts in my tuna salad for taste and crunch.

    I’m makin’ this when I get home! Thank you!

    I haven’t made this tuna salad with ricotta, but I could see that it might work. One of the things I like about this recipe is that it stretches the imagination in terms of the different sorts of things that go well with tuna and mayo. Have fun with it! ~Elise

  • Jenny

    I needed a quick and easy recipe for dinner tonight and was planning on the tasty but boring tuna melt I would make in college. Instead, I did a quick search and found this recipe. Luckily, we had everything except the cottage cheese–the recipe was delicious even without it. (I didn’t sub in extra mayo; the salad was loose without it.) We ate it on whole grain bread with romaine lettuce and (although I know people sometimes think cheese and fish is weird) thin slices of extra sharp cheddar.

    My husband loved it. And so did I! Delicious, bright, fresh. The salad components are all flavorful but respect that this is tuna, and don’t mask the flavor of it.

  • Matthew

    If you are like me and hate to wait for the tuna salad to chill in the fridge… just keep a can or two of the tuna in the fridge.

  • Stephany Brisco

    HOLY HANNA!!! This is SO GOOD!!!! I just tasted it and had to run on here to tell you how amazing it is!! I LOVE the cottage cheese and the capers, lemon, dill, EVERYTHING! It’s SO nice!! I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d like it while making it but this is my absolute favorite tuna sandwich I have ever had! Thank you!!!

  • Kathleen

    This is fabulous! Thank you! I printed the recipe out and made it right away. We all loved it – including our children, ages 6-13. I forgot to add the olive oil to our water-packed tuna, and it was still great. Otherwise we made it exactly as written. I’m also on Weight Watchers, so was thrilled to find this recipe using less mayonaise. We will definitely be making this again and again.

  • Erin

    I just made this as a last minute lunch for tomorrow. I froze it and tomorrow the salad will serve as an ice pack to keep my other food cold. I’m going to eat it on a whole wheat pita bread with lettuce and tomato. Unfortunately I didn’t have any cottage cheese, so I added a little extra mayo (I actually used lemonaise from Trader Joe’s to be a little healthier) and it tastes great! I like the different flavor the capers and dill add. Can’t wait to try it with the cottage cheese. Thanks Elise for another great recipe.

  • Stephanie

    Delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  • Luther

    I was blown away by this recipe – it was a boring Sunday afternoon and I looked in the pantry and fridge and all that I could find that looked compelling was a can of Trader Joe’s yellowtail packed in oil and some cottage cheese – thanks to the genius of google I ended up here and tried this recipe and found it to be amazing – I haven’t been a tunafish sandwich fan for years, but found this to be delicious and flavorful – the only alterations I made to the recipe were to substitute shallot for the onion (which I thought was a huge hit, since I think raw shallot is far preferable to raw onion) and to use sourdough bread (which was all I had on hand, and which was a fail since it added too much flavor to the delicate notes of the tuna salad).

  • greg p.

    I agree with everyone else on this blog post. I doubled the recipe and I would recommend the lemon to taste instead of half a lemon, mine was very juicy and wished I used less. I used fresh dill and parsley and have no idea how to measure tablespoons of fluffy parsley, or how much a pinch of dill is. Maybe Elise can cover measurement rules on these items. Thanks and did really enjoy this salad.

    With this salad, those loose measurements are in place because it really is done to taste. You don’t want to measure so precisely, too much work. ~Elise

  • George Silkman

    As people have said above, this recipe rules! I just didn’t have cottage cheese and replaced it with yoghurt (greek type). Tastes great!

  • Angie

    I was totally turned off by the use of cottage cheese, but the reviews were so great that I just had to try it. It was by far the best tuna I have ever had made and had! The capers and lemon juice add another dimension, and I thought I liked the same old mayo, onions and celery tuna salad. Not any more!
    When you are making it, you may think it is the oddest combination of things, and I kept wondering how the first person to come up with this recipe would have the guts to mix these together, but I completely recommend it.

  • Elaine Price

    This is really great! I just made it, only exceptions, I did not add capers (hate them) and added green onion instead of red (what I had) plus one tablespoon regular mustard instead of Dijon (again, just what I had) I made this for my sons school picnic tomorrow afternoon but I tasted it just to make sure it was good..and it was fantastic. I must have eaten at least four spoonfuls lol….really good recipes and better for you than adding a bunch of mayo. yummy in my tummy…thanks so much for adding.

  • Donald

    I knew I wanted to have something other than another boring Tuna Salad Sandwich. Thank you. It was scrumptious. I haven’t been more please with a sandwich of this kind. Terrific! As I was beginning to mix it all together I thought, no, this is too much other stuff and not enough tuna. Especially since I used a 6 oz. can. But it blended together wonderfully. Thoroughly pleased, Donald.

  • Chad

    Just tried your recipe, Elise. Delicious! I added some lime, too. Thanks, it’s just what I was looking/tasting for. :)

  • B.Swetnam

    I always have canned tuna in the pantry, not yesterday. I had to resort to using a piece of left over grilled tuna (o poor me)with a little olive oil. After flaking the tuna I followed the recipe exactly. I may never use canned tuna again. This is a great!

  • Abigail

    Wow, wow, wow, this is the best best tuna sandwich ever. I can’t believe how delicious and tasty this recipe is, it has a gorumet flavor. I made it with all the ingredients recommended, with the exception of the mayo (I keep an eye on my calories) but even without the mayo, it was absolutely good!! will be making it from now on!!
    Thank you very much for sharing your family recipe!

  • Leslie

    I just want to say that this is ABSOLUTELY delicious! I have been making it for months now, and brought it to work one day and everyone there loves it too. I have given the recipe to at least 10 people, who also now make it regularly. I never change the recipe because it is so completely perfect the way it is, however, I accidentally bought a bag of meyer lemons the other day instead of regular, that was the ONLY difference in your recipe, and I can not BELIEVE how it changed the taste. It made it almost sweet. It was so good that I am now not sure which way I like best. Since meyers are around right now, I suggest that anyone who eats this regularly try it, soooo good! But if you are a first-timer, I would say try it with regular lemons first, just to see how it really is.

    Oh, another thing, I have a boss who doesn’t like tuna, and hasn’t eaten it since he was a child, but when I brought this to work and everyone was just raving over it, he was starving that day and decided to eat a little. He absolutely loved it, and couldn’t even believe he loved it. Now, he has a saying that he uses, whenever employees are afraid to do something new, he’ll say, “come on, I gave tuna a chance, and I’ve never looked back”~~funny!

    Meyer lemon is a great idea with this, they tend to be sweeter than regular lemons. Good going on your boss! Don’t you just love it when just one bite of something can transform someone’s life for the better forever? ~Elise

  • Susan

    Just finished making this. I love it! It’s excellent! Again, thanks for sharing all your recipes with all of us.

  • Marlin Stoebner

    Looks Good!
    Too bad I don’t have any capers or dill on hand,

    Here’s my more “traditional” tuna salad recipe
    1 can tuna drained
    1 teaspoon dehydrated onion
    1 stalk celery finely chopped
    1 teaspoon sweet relish
    1 teaspoon yellow mustard
    2 heaping tablespoons mayo or miracle whip
    a shake of pepper

    the flavor is not too “busy”
    and I do use less mayo than is called for in alot of other tuna salad recipes
    as I enjoy tuna salad that way. You may want to add more mayo if you
    like tuna salad to have a more creamy consistancy.

  • Anonymous

    We love this tuna salad sandwich. My husband ate 3, it is the best.

  • drewtron

    This was really tasty. Didn’t have dill and used a whole lemon. Will have to try it proper next time. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

    You’re very welcome! ~Elise

  • Annalisa

    I’ve never seen a tuna salad recipe with cottage cheese in it, sounds weird, but I’m gonna try it anyway! Here’s my recipe, my family loves and I just wanted to share…

    2 cans tuna in water, drained
    3 green onions
    2 hard boiled eggs
    sweet pickles to taste (I use a lot)
    2 ribs celery
    cilantro to taste
    1 small tomato
    salt and pepper to taste
    Enough mayo to make it moist

    Chop the veggies small and mix with tuna and mayo, serve on toasted whole wheat bread or sourdough, with romaine lettuce. YUMMY!

  • Noel

    I’ve seen your recipe many times but today was the first time I’ve actually included the cottage cheese. It was surprisingly delicious and the cheese adds a nice saltyness different from the tuna.

  • patricia Gilbert

    When I make this tuna salad and always caramelize the onions which gives the salad an extra depth.

  • ana

    I was wondering what I can use instead of cottage cheese. Plain yogurt?

    If I weren’t going to use cottage cheese I would leave it out entirely and just add a enough mayonnaise to taste. ~Elise

  • robyn

    Wow – that was some good tuna!
    I recently stopped eating meat and have been trying to experiment with canned tuna (which I once loathed!) Your recipe has converted me.
    I used caramelized onions, which added a nice sweetness. Also used chive cottage cheese (Darigold makes it) which is tasty.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  • Anonymous

    This one is so deelish!! I made it with leftover chicken as well and it tastes delicious

  • felice

    Great recipe, especially when served on a bed of spinach leaves on toasted French bread! Just for sharing, here’s my Cajun grandmother’s tuna salad recipe that is almost as good as this one:
    canned tuna in water, hard-boiled eggs, mayo, yellow mustard, dijon mustard, celery, carrots, onions, tomato, Tabasco sauce, black pepper, salt, and garlic powder.
    Use a grater to keep everything big and crunchy.
    Store in fridge for at least one hour before serving on po-boy bread w/added dashes of Tabasco!

  • LadyJayPee

    This is, hands-down, the best tuna salad I have ever had. I’ve been making it for about a year now and finally am saying thank you. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Christine

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    Kind Regards,

    Note from Elise: You use the tuna right out of the can. The tuna is cooked before it is canned, so it is good to go.

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