No ImageTurkey Stew with Root Vegetables

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  1. Ariane

    Delicious. Thank you for the recipe.


  2. Marty

    So every year after Thanksgiving I go to Whole Foods where they have turkey thighs for…( wait for it..) 99 cents a pound. I buy a whole bunch, freeze some for later and usually roast them. But today I had this idea to make a turkey stew.
    So I made your recipe and it is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! Followed the recipe and when it came time for the root veggies I used what I had..butternut squash, big fat sweet organic carrots in chunks —
    and at the end I threw in some nice fresh string beans
    I served it in a bowl with some yellow rice..and let me tell was spectacular! Wow. Thank you so much.

    I did add just a wee bit of curry powder to the mix early on.. but you can’t just gave it a slightly exotic oomph in addition to the Herbes


  3. ellen

    Thanks so much for this recipe. It was perfect for hunkering down in this snowy week in Santa Fe. I added okra which worked out really nicely.

  4. Anna H.

    Aside from adding a parsnip, I followed the recipe to the letter and–yikes–the stew turned out practically Dickensian. Hunks of vegetable and stringy meat floating in a thin, greasy broth. (That was even after spooning off extra fat!) So I refrigerated it, skimmed as much of the solidified fat off the top as I could, put it back on the stove and thickened it with beurre manié. Much better now! Actually… quite good!

    Next time I make it I think I’ll try adding the vegetables at the same time as the turkey so the turkey doesn’t get too overdone. (Or maybe just cut the potatoes smaller–I had to prolong the cooking time to get them soft, after everything else was done.) And as a matter of personal taste, I’ll go lighter on the turnips and heavier on the potatoes and parsnips.

  5. Luke

    Just finishing this up now…20 minutes to go!

    I couldn’t get the rutabaga (at 2 stores, weird)…so i went with parsnip instead (it’s a personal fave).

    I’ll let you know how that change works out but my whole house smells like food heaven right now.

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