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  1. Kristen

    Made these tonight for dinner. Fantastic – loved the cheddar & bacon recipe!


  2. Dawn

    I made these last night. As somebody else said, I couldn’t decide which to make, so I split the mixture and made 2 of each. The only thing I changed was to rub salt on the skins of the raw potatoes after oiling them. I froze 2 potatoes before the second baking and will post the results when we have tried them. The other two (unfrozen) were really fantastic. I loved the flavor of both fillings. They weren’t quite hot enough from my oven after the second bake though, I might try 30 minutes next time, or heat the oven to 375F. The salt on the skin gave some nice extra crunch and seasoning. My husband doesn’t usually like the skins, but he wolfed these down!

    For the little 1/3 tops, I just put a little mound of filling on them, and have saved them to reheat as potato skin appetizers.


  3. J

    Making ahead for Xmas dinner – can I assemble the potato with the filling – or should I keep them seperate and fill day of?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi J, I think you can easily assemble the potato with the filling ahead of time.

      • J

        Thanks for the guidance. Going to make it 2 days in advance.

  4. Yuana Blanke

    Hi Elise! Not sure if I’ve commented here before or not, but I sure have been here a lot. Typically I don’t follow a recipe but check out a few for ideas and technique. Yours are Always go to’s for solid information. After reading a bunch of Twice Baked recipes, I noticed your’s is the Only one to warn about not beating the potatoes into gluey ick. Those “don’t’s” are critical. It’s very kind of you to add common blunders to avoid.
    The whole package here is terrific, you, your pictures and your impeccable instructions.
    THANKS !!! .

    • Elise Bauer

      Thanks Yuana, I do try to leave helpful tips, I’m glad you find them useful!

  5. Norman Cruz

    I just made up my own and basically used all the ingredients here, except I used Blue Cheese dressing and also added some ground mustard and Wasabi to mine. Was thinking garlic and avocado would go well with this, so I’ll have to experiment with that the next time. As it was, mine turned out pretty well, considering I made it up as I went along, basing mine on this recipe, more or less.

  6. Misha

    So I know I may be mixing genres here, but I have always found contrast of flavor and texture to be more interesting than uniformity. That is why, among my friends, the Mexican twice baked reigns supreme.

    We follow the standard twice baked recipe, only we sautee green and red bell peppers with about a half a yellow onion, add poblanos (if you like) and garlic, a dash of cayenne pepper, and habenero jack cheese. I know it sounds to spicy to eat, but the creaminess of sour cream/potato moderates the heat very nicely. We have also been known to top them off with a little homemade cold guacamole. Serve as is for your vegetarian friends, or if you are me, add a generous smattering of choriso before the second bake (careful not to overdo it on the choriso, it can get a little greasy.)

  7. Amber

    My mom used to make twice baked potatoes and she put canned tuna in the mix and served it as a main dish. I didn’t care for tuna so I never thought to make them for myself. However I was curious about how other people made their versions, so I did a quick search and found some really amazing recipes :)

  8. Jennifer

    These all sound so yummy. For whatever reason I have never added bacon to my baked potatoes and the idea of blue cheese sounds divine. I’m looking forward to trying these after my “turkey bacon” search. We don’t usually do the ‘twice baked’ bit but our favorite toppings (prior to trying these!) are to cut the potato in half, add a couple dollops of sour cream or plain yogurt, a sprinkle of chopped onions and some steamed broccoli, a big spoonful (or 2!) of baked beans and then a *big* handful of sharp cheddar cheese. The baked beans idea came from my time in England and the many pub-food “jacket potatoes” I ate!
    (by the way, ***LOVE*** your website, Elise! Thanks for being here and sharing!)

  9. Minerva

    I like to add grilled shrimp to mine. We call it shrimp potato boats.

  10. john eadie

    I do this all the time,but like a course not smooth mix. Try ham instead of bacon-works fine-second baking can be done next day if needed-holds well in plastic or foil–can do no wrong recipe.

  11. Nicola

    I made twice baked potatoes recently, but after reading another site, I tried slow baking them at first. Three hours in the oven and then take them out, the skins are crispier and the insides are nuttier. And then followed the suggestions for fillings and toppings and put them back in to bake for another 20 minutes. They were divine.

  12. becky

    Delicious! I used this recipe as a base to my own varition: substitute French onion dip for sour cream, add 2 strips of bacon (I like mine bacony and this way so I can have more in the mixture and won’t have to skimp on toppings), and added 1/3 cup of spinach to the mix (gotta get my greens in somehow), some garlic and finally a heaping tablespoon of ranch to seal the deal, very good! Thank you for providing me with the basis for some excellent potatoes!

  13. Sheryl

    Ever since I found this recipe this has been my go-to recipe. My husband absolutely LOVES it. I don’t ever have cream in my fridge so I always leave it out but it still comes out faboluous every time. I just keep adding more milk, butter, or sour cream until it just tastes perfect. Try it, you’ll love it!

  14. Barbi

    Just made these last night. I just scoop out the flesh plop in in my Kitchen Aid add a cube (yes a cube) of softened butter, 8oz. sour cream and tons of shredded cheddar cheese. Mix well place back in the potato skins, bake at 350 for about 30-35 minutes and devour. Not low cal or low fat but DELICIOUS!

  15. Angela

    I just tried this recipe earlier today. There were several twice baked potato recipes out there, but this one got my attention because of the presentation from the pictures. I used turkey bacon and it was the best ever! Thanks for sharing the recipe and the pics!

  16. Joni

    These were wonderful. This was my first time making twice baked potatoes and I was surprised how easy it was! Thanks for the great recipe!

  17. jeff

    I decided to use onion dip instead of plain sour cream,,,,,,yummy

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