No ImageVegan Chocolate Pudding

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  1. James

    I’d been buying Pudology for a delicious vegan treat and decided I’d like to replicate it, this pudding came out perfect first time and the recipe should be pretty versatile. Loved it!


  2. JillB

    Very nice and so easy! Would be interested in how to make these a little less firm. Ideas?

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  3. Maria Lane

    I made this delicious dessert and decided to melt the chocolate over a pan of hot water and added the warmed coconut milk and vanilla extract to it. Perfect.


  4. Diana

    This seems more like a ganache than a pudding, does it have the jiggly-ness like regular pudding?

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  5. Cathy Redondo

    Everyone loved the rich flavor….I found the texture to be a bit gritty – perhaps because I rushed adding the chocolate? I did it in one big batch instead of adding it gradually. I’ll definitely try another batch.

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