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  1. Gabriele Bauer

    My first taste of vichyssoise was on my honeymoon in Aruba 27 years ago. It was served in a ice bowl, and I believe the chef dropped the entire salt container in his pot of soup. It was incredibly salty, even for this salt loving person! Even so, I could taste how good the soup could have been if it was not made with water from the ocean. I have not had it since (I had forgotten about it) and am so looking forward to making it – I wish I had remembered this soup while my husband was still alive – we would have gotten a good chuckle out of it. Thank you for reminding me of those memories. P.S. We share the same last name :)

  2. Ľudovít

    Greetings from Slovakia. I have been a regular visitor of this web site for years now and this recipe is a true gem. Thank you.

  3. Brian Fuller

    One thing to add that gives it an extra kick is Gold caviar!

  4. Leslie

    I really love vichyssoise and it’s something you cannot find — you have to make it yourself. This recipe is fantastic. I have made it multiple times and it has turned out great every time. It keeps for days, and is still flavorful on the third day as the first. One of the things I really love is how simple it is to remember the ingredients. I’ll be in the supermarket and see fresh leeks, which reminds me of this soup, and I remember the rest of the ingredients easily — golden potatoes, chicken broth, sour cream and heavy cream. Simple! Yes, I forget the onion, but who doesn’t have a bag of onions around?! Using golden potatoes does make a difference. I’ve tried this recipe with other types, and it’s just not the same. Try this recipe. You’ll like it!

  5. Wendy

    Thank you for this recipe! I made it on Saturday and have been enjoying it since. I was with a friend and we made 3 of your recipes- Vichyssoise, Gazpacho and Zucchini Cake! All three recipes were incredible (as I knew they would be).

    I’m so glad you liked the recipes! ~Elise


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