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  1. James Zemboy

    I wrote in April that I would soon be making this for the first time, and today I did. It’s very good indeed and in August I will make a double batch as the first course of a dinner party for about 15 people, although this single batch is very generous for “six to eight” so maybe a batch-and-a-half would make more sense.

    As I have no interest in vegetarians, the gluten-intolerant, the peanut- and-otherwise-nut-intolerant, the caffeine-intolerant, the red-meat-intolerant, the dairy-intolerant, the corn-syrup intolerant, the refined-sugar-intolerant and the dieters who expect even Thanksgiving dinners to be calorie-free–in fact none of the above described creatures is ever invited chez moi–all of this being the case, I disregarded the directions to use tiny amounts of sour cream and heavy cream and substituted two whole, big, fat cups of heavy cream. And since most recipes suggest a little pepper, I used 1/4 teaspoon (only that much) of white pepper and I substituted 1 1/2 teaspoons regular salt for the 2 teaspoons of the very fashionable but chemically-identical Kosher salt. Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly. And I did use the crank-type food mill but it took a long time and required constant scraping of the food down into the blades, so I can understand why all recipes, including this one, specify a blender and not a crank-operated mill.


  2. James Zemboy

    I’ve never made vichyssoise but I’ve surfed the net and this recipe is the most useful, as it specifies measurements while other recipes are vague. I’m going to make it for my family exactly as directed and if it’s as good as it looks in the recipe, I’ll be making a double batch for a group of about 15 dinner guests in the heat of August. I have a French style food mill (you turn a crank and blades force the mixture through a sieve) which I’m sure will give results as good as from a blender. And I WILL serve it just below room temperature and not straight from the fridge.

  3. Gabriele Bauer

    My first taste of vichyssoise was on my honeymoon in Aruba 27 years ago. It was served in a ice bowl, and I believe the chef dropped the entire salt container in his pot of soup. It was incredibly salty, even for this salt loving person! Even so, I could taste how good the soup could have been if it was not made with water from the ocean. I have not had it since (I had forgotten about it) and am so looking forward to making it – I wish I had remembered this soup while my husband was still alive – we would have gotten a good chuckle out of it. Thank you for reminding me of those memories. P.S. We share the same last name :)

  4. Ľudovít

    Greetings from Slovakia. I have been a regular visitor of this web site for years now and this recipe is a true gem. Thank you.

  5. Brian Fuller

    One thing to add that gives it an extra kick is Gold caviar!

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