No ImageWaldorf Salad

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  1. Sheryl

    I like to add a little nutmeg!


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  2. marline

    I am planning on using wedges for this because it’s for 80 people. My mind is drawing a blank on how much I will need to cover the wedges. Any idea?

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  3. Joan

    I’m particular to the classic version using black grapes in place of red, and using fresh juice instead of reconstituted .. lime juice is a welcome change. I also use honey crisp and granny Smith apples. A summertime and holiday favorite.


  4. Maya

    I make mine with butter lettuce, pear, apple, walnuts, golden raisins and yogurt. Yummy!!!

  5. [email protected]

    I don’t know what I did but it wasn’t as sweet as I remembered I will take the blame

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