No ImageWalnut Parsley Pesto

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  1. Alice

    Easy and delicious!


  2. Francy

    I’d suggest not adding the cheese until after the mechanical blending, as it can potentially get goopy and plasticy. I personally prefer the lumpy texture of the parm, it adds to the flavor as well. all in all the flavors are great. Perhaps a bit of serrano and lemon;)

  3. NOEL

    I have a question if I want to freeze I should leave out the cheese yes?

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  4. Sammie

    Wow! Love this recipe!! My one parsley plant grew almost waist high this year, just finished making 7 batches of this to freeze, only used half my parsley plant! Heading out to buy more walnuts and parmesan cheese to make more to give away, thanks for posting such a fantastic recipe!!!


  5. Rose Janes

    Great way to use up excess parsley we grew. I had it in toast and really enjoyed it.


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