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  1. Adria

    I am really congested and needed something to help. Watercress was suggested. I loved this recipe more than I thought I would. I did use coconut oil instead of butter and coconut milk instead of sour cream. It was delicious! I also added garlic, tumeric and cayenne. For the potatoes I used a medley with purple potatoes. Super delicious and will be eating again! Even my 8 year old son liked it :)

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    Hello I live in Canada and I was lucky enough to have a stream with watercress growing in it, the stream was cold and always running.
    Friend would often stop by for my watercress soup and sandwiches..I always placed the ingredients into the blender. Gave a much smoother taste of watercress. Also used milk, no onions, kills the taste of the watercress… Actually it grew in the wild here in the streams if you were lucky enough to see it. Thanks, Wendy

  3. Carol

    Can you give the nutritional information/ data?

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  4. Kathleen

    As was mentioned earlier it is imperative to clean wild watercress. In some areas it can house liver parasites. Soak it in 1tsp hydrogen peroxide per qt of water for 20 mins. and then soak in plain water for 20 mins. 1 of the healthiest greens on the planet, and so versatile. Try a pesto!

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  5. Mary-Angela

    I love watercress too and I agree that the best is the stuff you forage. But please note that in some parts of the world it can carry parasites that are quite dangerous. I think the East Coast in US is ok whereas the West Coast and Europe have more cases, but I am not an expert, so you should google “watercress liver fluke” to find some info. Apparently it is quite safe to eat it cooked, even if it has parasites (the snails you often find are part of a complicated life cycle that involves also a mammal host). I know this much because I found all this amazing watercress last weekend, growing just outside Philadelphia. We picked and ate bundles of it before bothering to check… It seems you had lots of it growing up with no ill effects, but still, I am interested in this delicious sounding recipe for soup, which I will probably cook for our dinner tonight. Thanks!

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