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  1. William White

    Of course harvesting watercress from contaminated creeks and streams as well as poisonous plants that look like it-presents their own challenges. I grow our own in 25 gallon nursery pots from seed every year-with thick stems and bite.

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  2. Island-Life

    I love this soup, it’s actually delicious served warm or cold. Instead of sour cream or heavy cream, as some other recipes suggest; I substitute my homemade greek yogurt. It adds a nice tangy flavor. Croutons are also a nice addition as a garnish.


  3. Beth Angell

    This sounds wonderful and I just bought a beautiful bunch of watercress at the farmers market today, so I’m looking forward to trying to make the soup. My question is: Do you use the stems as well as the leaves?

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  4. Adria

    I am really congested and needed something to help. Watercress was suggested. I loved this recipe more than I thought I would. I did use coconut oil instead of butter and coconut milk instead of sour cream. It was delicious! I also added garlic, tumeric and cayenne. For the potatoes I used a medley with purple potatoes. Super delicious and will be eating again! Even my 8 year old son liked it :)

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    Hello I live in Canada and I was lucky enough to have a stream with watercress growing in it, the stream was cold and always running.
    Friend would often stop by for my watercress soup and sandwiches..I always placed the ingredients into the blender. Gave a much smoother taste of watercress. Also used milk, no onions, kills the taste of the watercress… Actually it grew in the wild here in the streams if you were lucky enough to see it. Thanks, Wendy

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