No ImageWatermelon Salad with Cotija, Jicama, and Lime

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  1. Alana

    This is like the watermelon salsa I loved on my Carnival Cruises from the Blue Iguana Cantina! Goes great with chicken tacos or the sweet breakfast arepas. It’s so refreshing and cool. A great option for littles who don’t like spice too!


  2. Daria

    Hi, OK, so I have all the ingredients in the house and I plan on making this tomorrow to keep in my fridge when I get the urge to snack on something I probably shouldn’t. I’ve never had Jicama before and it seems like I should cook it. Can I just peel and eat it raw?

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  3. Lefkios

    Staying on the subject of watermelons, I think that you’ll find interesting a recipe that is a specialty in the Greek island of Milos, for a watermelon pie.
    I found it amazing how can you make a pie with a fruit that is 96% water.
    ‘Karpouzopita’ in Greek, this video is from the Elias Mamalakis tv show, ‘Mpoukia & Sychorio’ which roughly translates into ‘thanking God with every bite!’ Speaking about catchy titles! This episode was filmed in Milos, of course, but in Greek, I’m afraid. I believe it will give you an idea how this pie is made. About half of a small to medium watermelon, sugar, honey, ground cinnamon, olive oil and sesame seeds. About 45 min. in a 180 Celsius oven.
    This show was not only about cooking, but also of the history and culture of the different places and countries it visited.

  4. Miss Sage Sugar

    Yum! A lovely fresh salad :)

  5. barb

    Put salt on all the fruit I eat……..brings out the flavor. This salads screams it’s summer. The jicama is a great addition.

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