No ImageWhite Bean and Ham Soup

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  1. John

    Awesome recipe. Good alone, but easy to modify. I put a few packs of chicken bullion from the hispanic section of the store in mine.


  2. Robyn

    This seriously is the best bean and ham soup ever. The Herbes de Provence take it to another level. The recipe is perfect. No need to substitute or change it.

  3. Linda

    Excellent! Thank you for sharing yet another great recipe. I made a slight change in that I used half chicken broth, half water.


  4. Alison

    I just thought that it was very bland and fatty. I used smoked ham hocks and there was a lot of fat at the top of the soup and most of the meat was fatty skin. The flavor was kind of bland and the tabasco added little flavor than vinegar.


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  5. Ron

    Made this early in Jan, did about 1.3x on the vegetables, and it was FANTASTIC. Loved it.
    Planning to make it again later this week. This time I just have leftover ham and not a hock so I’ll follow your recommendation to another person to use chicken stock. But I’m also wondering if I should add a little more flavor given the lack of a hock… so I’m considering adding about 1/2 of a chopped jalapeno to the onions. Thoughts?


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