No ImageWhite Bean Soup with Ham, Pumpkin, and Chard

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  1. Steve

    Substituted butternut squash making it a bit sweeter. Found the broth too thin so iI added a level of decadence with a third cup of cream cheese. Also doubled the swiss chard.


  2. Nancy

    My soup turned out too thin; so I whisked in a can of vegetarian retried beans at the end. This improved the texture immensely. The soup has a great flavor and was fun to make.


  3. Angie

    Has anyone tried to convert the recipe to an Instant Pot? Any suggestions? I’ve made this in my Dutch oven countless times but I just got my new appliance!


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  4. Brian

    Made this one over the weekend with some substitutes. Had some leftover home smoked pork picnic shoulder that I subbed in for the hocks and used butternut squash rather than pumpkin. Also cut the squash into 1/2 ” chunks to reduce cooking time (because I started waaay too late to let it simmer 1/5 hours.)

    Still loved the soup (having some for lunch today!!) and will have this on our “Welcome to Fall” rotation.

  5. Donna

    I made this for the 2nd time already, once last fall and again. I used butternut squash. It thickens the soup and adds a sweetness. I found some chard in my garden that the deer haven’t got to yet. The soup is excellent!

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