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  1. Rene Schnetzler

    I never beat my Zabaglione, nor Sabayon, more than 1-2 minutes!
    10 minutes is an ordeal!
    I think the French Bain-Marie does touch the water otherwise you need boiling water to have steam transfer the heat

    If you ever are in the Rhinebeck area be my guest and I’ll demonstrate you my technique
    Kind regards

  2. Isabella

    As a child my mom would just use egg yolk an sugar. Mix it with a hand beater and we would eat it. We called it eggs beat up. It was light an fluffy. But u had to eat it fast or it would go flat.
    Eating all that yoke an sugar doesn’t sound good today.

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  3. Liina

    Hello and Greetings from Finland. I found this recipe and I want to try it but we have different measures here. Do you know how much is one cup in desiliters? I have found different numbers depending of if it’s from Europe or US.
    Thanks, Liina

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  4. Lisa

    can you make it with the cream the night before for an event?

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  5. Susan

    The first time I had Zabaglione it was served on top of sorbet raspberry and mango topped with the Zabaglione. It was delicious. I replicated the dessert my family loved it with fresh fruit, or sorbet. I can’t wait till summer with all the fresh fruit and eggs from my chickens to make this wonderful desert again.

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