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  1. Hayley

    I used a bit less salt, oil just add needed, and used lime instead of lemon. Wow! Try it with lime! So good. I’ve made this five times in the last month because I keep getting requests to make it again. I’ve done it a little different each time (like adding shredded potato as well) but lime is a keeper. Forgetting to salt the zucchini has been my biggest mess up yet.


  2. Sue

    I made it – While the flavor was really good, it was EXTREMELY salty. I’m sure some of the salt will drip out with all that water and then a bit more when you squeeze it with paper towels, but essentially adding 4-1/2 tsp of salt is way too much

    Next time I will reduce the 1 Tbsp salt used to draw out the water and I won’t add any more salt.


  3. Vimary

    Tasty and fairly simple recipe. They turned out really good and yummy. It was my first time making zucchini fritters and it will no be the last!


  4. Vimary

    My first time making zucchini fritters and this was a great start! Savory and a good recipe, we loved it.


  5. Lynne

    Last night was zuchinni night! I had a slightly larger zucchini (free from a neighbor) to use up and made these fritters, along with your turkey zucchini burgers. We loved the pairing of the two recipes. The only problem was that I didn’t make enough for leftovers for today’s lunch!


  6. Jane

    Great recipe! I like to add some grated potato (maybe 75/25 zucch/potato) to beef it up a bit.

  7. Sidonee Gibson

    I placed the grated zucchini in muslin cloth in a colander for a couple hours squeezing now and then got so much water out! And was still wet.

    Adding fresh Chilli and garlic and onion, Parmasen cheese and oregano.

  8. Nancy

    Tasty recipe overall, although I may skip the lemon next time. I used a zeppelin-sized zucchini from my garden, doubled the recipe, and added fesh basil, chives, and parsley (also from my garden). Plain Greek yogurt complemented the fritters nicely.

  9. Anne

    Substituted lemon zest with grated fresh ginger. Yum!

  10. Linda

    We loved these! I’ve been perusing your site for zucchini recipes due to a high producer plant out back, and you did not fail me. We wolfed these down; made the dip with Greek yogurt. Lovely lemony and herbal flavors with a kick of garlic. Green onions were a good call too! Thank you for sharing your delicious recipes with us, Elise :)

  11. pam

    looks simple & easy
    (i usually make latkes by potato; i have to try this!)

  12. Jennifer Bunting

    If you have a potato ricer, it’s a great tool for squeezing the moisture out of the shredded zucchini instead of waiting for it to drain or using paper towels. Also good when making latkes or similar.

  13. Hannah

    These look absolutely delicious. Could this be a course on its own or is it normally complementary?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Hannah, there’s not really enough protein in these fritters to have them qualify as a main in my opinion. They would normally be a side.

  14. Brother Bear

    I upped the sized of this and turned them into delicious vege burgers! Magnificent meal it was I tell ya!

  15. Heather

    I’m totally late to the party here, but these are SO GOOD, and so very easy. My husband just stood in the kitchen eating the whole first batch, one fritter right after the other. I made the chocolate zucchini cake from this site for the 4th of July yesterday, and was looking for a tasty way to use up the leftover zucchini.

    I think I’m in love with zucchini.

  16. Lil

    I put my. zucchini in my salad spinner, it works great get all the water out

  17. Anna

    I am having trouble with frying. I have made these 5-6 times and they are raw on the inside. I am not sure what the problem is. I still eat them but it’s not the same as cooked (I can only imagine) since I am never able to cook them. Maybe you can advise?

    Sounds like you need to increase the heat, and perhaps flatten them a little more. ~Elise

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