No ImageZucchini Fritters

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  1. Cheri

    These are excellent. I’ve made them every single year since you posted it. Sometimes I add a couple Tbsp of panko for the crunchiness. My family and I thank you very much :)


  2. Jeff

    I’m going to try and make a lower carb version using either coconut or almond flour. I love zucchini be there is too much flour for me to keep low carb. Wish ne luck!

  3. Diana

    I make zucchini fritters all the time. I also add grated carrots to mine. I don’t salt them, just grate and squeeze out moisture.

  4. jj

    The salt in this is overwhelming. To salt the zucchini to get the moisture out, then add the salt listed in the recipe (followed to the letter)– these were inedible. And I really had high hopes!


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  5. Hayley

    I used a bit less salt, oil just add needed, and used lime instead of lemon. Wow! Try it with lime! So good. I’ve made this five times in the last month because I keep getting requests to make it again. I’ve done it a little different each time (like adding shredded potato as well) but lime is a keeper. Forgetting to salt the zucchini has been my biggest mess up yet.


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