Zucchini Muffins

For those of you who prefer to use oil over butter, be my guest (use 1 cup vegetable oil instead of the butter) but I have to tell you, I've made these both ways, and the butter version tastes better.

If you are including both walnuts and dried fruit, you may have more batter than is needed for 12 muffins.

To measure out the flour if you don't have a kitchen scale, fluff up the flour in its container first. Then do a light scoop with a measuring cup in one motion. Level off the top with the side of a knife.

  • Prep time: 15 minutes
  • Cook time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: Makes 12-14 muffins


  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 1/3 cup (280 g) sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 3 cups (packed) grated fresh zucchini
  • 3/4 cup unsalted butter, melted
  • 2 3/4 cups (400 g) all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1 cup walnuts (optional)
  • 1 cup raisins or dried cranberries (optional)

Special equipment:

  • A muffin tin


You don't need a mixer for this recipe.

1 Mix eggs, sugar, vanilla, then add zucchini and melted butter: Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C). Beat the eggs in a large bowl. Mix in the  sugar and vanilla extract. Stir in the grated zucchini and the melted butter.

2 Mix dry ingredients: In a separate bowl, mix together the flour, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon, ground ginger, nutmeg, and salt.

3 Combine to make batter: Stir these dry ingredients into the zucchini mixture. (Do not over-mix!) Stir in walnuts, raisins or cranberries if using.

4 Fill muffin pan: Coat each muffin cup in your muffin pan with a little butter or vegetable oil spray. Use a spoon to distribute the muffin dough equally among the cups, filling the cups up completely, above the surface of the muffin tin.

5 Bake: Bake at 350°F on the middle rack until muffins are golden brown, and the top of the muffins bounce back when you press on them, about 20-30 minutes. Test with a long toothpick or a thin bamboo skewer to make sure the center of the muffins are done.

Set on wire rack to cool for 5 minutes. Remove muffins from the tin let cool another 20 minutes.

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  • Sandy

    Made them exactly as the recipe called for (did the optional Craisins but not walnuts). It was very easy and they are delicious!


  • Phil B

    These are very good. A was forced to make a couple changes. I only had 2 cups of zucchini and that was not an issue. I did have a pouch of dried cranberries and candies pecans I picked up as a salad topper. I used the whole pouch. I’d say the sweetness overall was very good. Not too sweet. I could see sprinkling the tops of the muffins with turbinado sugar prior to baking if you want a sweeter muffin.


    • Carrie Havranek

      I love using a sugar like turbinado or even a thicker sugar on top of baked goods. It’s just a little something extra! Glad you liked it, Phil!

  • Nicole

    These are amazing! I made them without the nuts and cranberries as my 9 month old can’t chew that well and he loved them! (As do my husband and I)
    I crammed all the batter into 12 muffins but it was a bit much and made huge muffins and wish I spread it out to make more muffins at a regular size.
    I liked em so much I made another batch, and I made it too quickly and forgot the butter! However, they still taste great! A little denser, but still good! I thought I would have to scrap them but I’m eating them.


  • Nikki

    So I adapted the recipe a little. I used courgette and apple, added raisins and used half self-raising flour, half spelt flour. I also added a tablespoon or two of chia seeds. Used slightly less sugar too and added a splash of non-dairy milk (Yellow-split pea milk to be exact) to loosen the mixture up a little. Baked for 20mins. They’ve turned out beautifully!


  • Cynthia

    Very good. I thought the batter was kind of loose at first however they turned out great. I doubled the recipe. Not too sweet yet very good with walnuts and raisins. Came right out of the tins – will make it again.


  • Julie

    These are the best zucchini muffins ever!!!


  • Abi

    I Love this recipe! I’ve been using it for awhile and anyone who tastes the muffins, loves them too! I add chocolate chips and hemp hearts thanks for this amazing recipe!


  • Becca

    Great recipe. friends & fam loved them. I made them with butter 1st time, used fresh cranberries & left out the nuts & ginger as sum are strongly opposed. this time I started making them on request without realizing I didnt have enough butter so used half butter/half oil. I again left out nuts & ginger(I think it would be fantastic with it) & added 1 small over-ripe banana. was enough to do a bread pan & 6 muffins. in oven now


  • RGibson

    Delicious! Made 20 medium sized muffins..Baked 25 min at 350o. Used 1/2 c each chopped walnuts and cranberries. Also used coconut oil rather than butter. Think I will cut back on sugar next time…3/4 c rather than 1 1/3 c. Will definitely bake again. Spice mixture is perfect!


  • Kelly

    These tasted good, but did not rise and completely fell apart. The muffins just overflowed the tops and stuck to the muffin tin. I followed the directions exactly and was quite disappointed with how they turned out.


    • Carrie Havranek

      Oh no, Kelly! I am sorry to hear they overflowed. Is it possible that you overfilled them? That could cause some sticking and overflowing.

  • Cathie

    Used butter as suggested and they were super moist.
    Added walnuts, but not toasted and they added a nice texture to the muffin. Also raisins. My whole family loved them.
    This is a great recipe for using a big over grown zucchini!


  • Ashley

    I’m making them now! They smell amazing . I’m nervous tho. I used almond flour and a different sugar since I’m trying to stay lower carb .
    Hopefully I didn’t totally destroy the recipe .
    My coworker gave me some huge zucchini’s so I had to make some!! So excited tho!

  • Pam

    These muffins have great flavor but mine stuck to the pan even though I greased it. I made 6 jumbo.


  • Maureen Rinker

    Hands down, best zucchini bread muffins. I only added walnuts which I toasted before adding.. I Will make muffins from this recipe for years to come. I made Jumbo muffins. Baked at 350° for 30 min. Awesome!!


  • Dianne Haugen

    These turned out beautifully for me!!! I made them a n a mini muffin pan. Do have a nutritional value for these muffins – especially carbs and calories? Will definitely make these again!


  • Barbara

    I I love this recipe! I make a lot of muffins and these are great, added walnuts, raisins and used canola oil. Spices were perfect.


  • K

    Amazing recipe! I didn’t add any add-ins, and still came out perfect. My whole family loved them, and since our garden is overflowing with zucchini, this was the best recipe.


  • Mo Hegarty

    This recipe makes delicious and moist muffins. I added the nuts and cranberries and about 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract. They came out perfectly. I got about 23 muffins and cooking time was 25 minutes.


  • Stephanie H.

    I sprayed the muffin tin, which gave the muffins a nice crispiness to the edges. I added the cranberries, but not the nuts. I may try the nuts next time though. The cranberries gave the muffins just the right amount of sweetness and complimented the moistened.
    Will make these again soon!


  • Eve

    I made this very close to the recipe, and it yielded 18 muffins. I definitely found that 30 minutes was necessary. The one change I’d make is using muffin cup liners (I used them on my second muffin tin) – not just because I hate cleaning muffin tins (I do!) but for whatever reason, these ones seemed to hold their shape better.


  • Leslie

    I cut the sugar to 1 cup, and cooked this batter in my waffle maker. Super tasty and perfect for using up all those zucchini from the garden. Will make this again


  • Jennifer

    These look amazing and I would love to try them.
    Do you think these would be okay with egg whites only?

    • Summer Miller

      Hi, Jennifer! I’m not sure. We didn’t test this recipe using whites only. If you try the recipe using whites only would use three whites, and I would whip them then fold them into the batter to help lift it. I would also add an extra tablespoon of fat (either oil or butter) to compensate for losing some fat in the yolks. Let us know how it turns out!

  • Amy

    Awesome. First zucchini from the garden (but definitely not the last lol) … made these yesterday. Any chance someone has the nutrition info?


  • Tammy

    I made them and added cranberries and nuts. Amazing! Thank you for this recipe!


  • Roxanne

    I just made these using my first zucchini out of the garden! I doubled the recipe, added shredded carrot and chunks of apples and they are amazing!


  • Colby

    280g of sugar?!? That’s three cups. Conversion is waaaay off

    • Summer Miller

      Hi, Colby! I just went and reweighed the sugar when I saw your comment — 1 1/3 cups (U.S. Standard) weighs 279g. Perhaps you forgot to zero out your scale when you measured?

  • Samanthia

    I absolutely love these muffins! My next door neighbor gave zucchini from her garden. I’m not a huge zucchini fan until she made some zucchini muffins. I fell in love and searched for a good recipe. This one is awesome!


  • Diamond

    I loved them. My kids might say add a bit more sugar but I like them. I added a sprinkle of brown sugar to the top. My zucchini came from my garden and it was huge so this recipe was perfect. Also I didn’t added any nuts or cranberries, but next time I will!


  • Charmaine

    Woke up my husband from a long nap. I think I’ll make these more !!


  • Debra Reed

    I forgot to add My Husband is totally in love with these all my family wants the recipe, this is a KEEPER and is added to my favorite recipes!!!

  • Debra Reed

    These are AMAZING so DELICOUS, I used zucchini from my garden and added the walnuts, some of the other batches I added the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips, my Whole Families visiting loved them including my grandkids. So I have made a bunch more and froze some to take with me to visit family close by. I saw someone added shredded apple with the walnuts, I will try that too, sounds delicious, Thanks for this amazing recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Jo

    Made these for my family tonight. I was so excited about these muffins and I really was hoping to love them. However this recipe was bland, tasteless, and unexciting. What a waste of a good zucchini!


    • Carrie Havranek

      Hi Jo! I am so sorry you felt these were bland! Perhaps you could up the cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg amounts, or maybe you missed those altogether? Let us know!

  • Pam

    These are exceptional! My son started a vegetable garden a few months ago and its overflowing with zucchini. They just had their first child and have thoroughly enjoyed the homemade deliveries accompanying my frequent visits. They requested a second batch of these muffins. Like the recipe states, garden picked zucchini is very moist, which makes the muffins especially delicious. I used oil because I was low on butter and I added walnuts but not raisins or cranberries. They were scrumptious. The recipe will go down in our family history book of favorite recipes!


  • Maggie

    I made these with dried crannies and crushed almonds the other day. FANTASTIC! Today, I made with shredded apples and walnuts. Can’t wait for them to cool. This recipe is one of the best.


  • Maggie

    Has anyone tried freezing these for later?

  • Cathy

    These were really good. I used raisins instead of cranberries and lots of walnuts. They were a hearty muffin full of goodness. I shared some with family and froze the rest and pull one out and defrost for breakfast for a treat with my morning coffee. Will definitely make again.


  • Lauren

    I love all your recipes so when this was the first zucchini muffin option to pop up I looked no further! It was perfect! I had extra zucchini that needed to be used so upped the recipe by 1/4, making up the extra flour with oatmeal (100g). And added chocolate chips. Super moist and light…will be a standard on our house!


  • Shannon

    I only used 3/4 cup sugar (coconut sugar for me), added some crushed up pieces of a 2.5 oz chocolate bar for “chocolate chips”, and substituted Bob”s Red Mill 1 to 1 gluten-free baking flour to make them gluten free. I still weighed out the 400 grams instead of using measuring cups. Also, I realized I didn’t have nutmeg, so I substituted 1/8 tsp ground cloves. They turned out delicious! Being close to Celiac, I do have to switch out flours, but it’s hard to alter a recipe if it doesn’t have a strong base. Great recipe and thanks for sharing!


  • Caren

    I used vegetable oil instead of butter. Had to bake them for 33 minutes at 350. They turned out great! I will definitely make them again.

  • Mindy

    these muffins are off the chain. So good! I used a bit less than 1 cup of sugar and added raisins. They were plenty sweet. I didn’t need to squeeze the zucchini at all. This makes a ton of batter so I made 12 large muffins- baked them at 350 for about 28 minutes. Highly recommend for a healthy snack recipe!


  • Marsha

    Love this recipe! I’ve made it many times. I love the taste of dates with the warm spices and it needs less sugar when you use them.


  • Cindy

    These are good! I used the butter and I made mini muffins.


  • Tara

    Delicious! I haven’t made them in a long time…did the recipe always call for ginger?


  • Jen

    Thanks so much for the recipe, I can’t wait to make it. It is winter where I live so I don’t have fresh zucchini handy but have lots shredded and froze. Do you have any suggestions on the amount of frozen shredded zucchini I would need? I presume it wouldn’t be different than the 3 cups fresh but do find once it is frozen, there is more moisture and the quantity seems so much lower. Any advise is appreciated.

  • Nadia

    I think the are sooo good


  • Janice

    LOVE-LOVE-LOVE these muffins just the way the recipe is written. Have made these for years for family and friends. Always moist and delicious.


  • Stephanie

    Loved this recipe! It was very moist. I added raisins even though both of my kids don’t care for them, but they both loved it! Big hit and we’ll be making these again this weekend. My batter made at least 2 dozen, but maybe because I only half filled the cupcake pan.


  • Rachel

    I wish this recipe said about how many zucchinis you need to buy for 3cups worth of shredded zucchini. I shredded 3 but i think i could have done more. The muffins came out good. I added yellow raisins.


  • Kathy

    I made these today with the following variations… added 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce, 2 ripe bananas and 1/2 as much zucchini and made mini loaves instead of muffins because I am shipping them to my Grandson. They turned out fantastic! Oh, and I did use golden raisens, but not nuts. My new favorite bread recipe.

  • Lisa

    Can you post the nutritional information? These are delicious!!

  • [email protected]

    Wow. I ate too many. No regrets.
    Simple and perfect. Thanks!


  • Jesse Washburn

    I used cranberry and raisins instead of walnuts. The muffins came out beautifully and was amazingly delicious. This going to be my number one muffin recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  • Myndha

    absolutely delicious. I added about 1/4 cup walnuts and 1/4 cup dried cranberries. I will make this recipe again.


  • Morgan

    I had to deviate from some of the ingredients because I was missing a few things but they turned out amazing! I did not have nutmeg, ground ginger, or baking powder. I substituted an additional 1/4 tsp of baking soda and 1tsp of lemon juice for the baking powder and left out the rest. I used 1 cup of walnuts and only 1/2 cup dried cranberries. It made for 21 muffins. They were great! I will be making this recipe often


  • trisha cepeda

    I just made the zucchini muffins and it is delish. My husband can’t wait to try it tomorrow for breakfast. He did stated it smelled awfully good. Thank you for the recipe. Its not overly sweet.

  • M.O'Herlihy

    The butter quantity isn’t listed in the recipe! I’ve scrolled through the comments and no one seems to mention that. How much butter????

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi, the recipe ingredients list 3/4 cup of butter, melted.

      • Mayda

        Sorry I meant to delete my query as I went back and saw the quantity. I couldn’t spot it for ages… Just one of those brain glitches! Muffins are delish. Have made them several times. Thank you!

    • Stephanie

      3/4 cup unsalted butter

  • Terri

    Can these be made in advance and frozen? Thinking of making them for holiday gifts

  • mary

    i try to make these a few times month

  • Danielle Maclean

    I put 1\3 cup less sugar and they are delicious! Thanks


  • Sue

    Delicious but a little wet. Should I have squeezed the zucchini until relatively dry?

    • Elise Bauer

      Sometimes, if your zucchini are particularly fresh and heavy, they can hold a lot of liquid. I’ll put grated zucchini in a sieve over a bowl to drain while I prep other ingredients, and that helps. You can also squeeze some of the moisture out of them, but don’t squeeze too much! They shouldn’t be dry.

  • CL

    Delicious moist muffins enjoyed by all whom got to try them. This recipe is a keeper.


  • cat

    Amazing! Added a more cinnamon tho. Wondering if you could refrigerate the mixture and then bake at a later date?


    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Cat, this dough is a quickbread dough which means that the leavening begins to work as soon as you put the dough together. So, it’s not a dough you can make in advance. Glad you like the muffins!

  • Kristen

    always delicious every time I make them

  • Eileen

    I’ve made these muffins a couple of times and they’re delicious. Used only 3/4 cup sugar. I’d rate them a 5…….excellent.

  • Andrea

    This recipe is amazing. I have never made them before and this was easy and delicious. Not too sweet


  • Ruth

    AMAZING recipe! I change our the sugar for stevia and a little apple sauce, so delicious.
    Do you have an idea of the nutritional info for these?


    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Ruth, so glad you liked the muffins! Unfortunately, we aren’t calculating the nutritional content of our recipes right now, so I’d suggest using an online nutrition calculator, like this one. Enjoy!

  • Christine

    I made them & used 1/2 cup white sugar & 1/2 cup brown sugar. I had only a small amount of craisins so added some shredded coconut & chopped pecans. I used 2 teaspoons of baking powder & 1/2 c. unsweetened applesauce instead of melted butter. Also added about 3/4c. more flour because the applesauce made the batter more runny. I baked them in mini muffin pans for 16 minutes. It made 42 mini muffins. They tasted wonderful.


  • Janice

    Made tonight. Used the 400g of flour. 28 pkts of stevia with 1/3 c applesauce instead of sugar. Everything else the same. Tasted really good and comes out to 180 calories per 16 muffins I got out of the recipe.


  • Julienne

    This recipe is wonderful if you use the cup measures, but the metric measurements are way off—400 grams of flour is about 4 cups, turns out, not 2 3/4. I caught this just in time. Please correct this!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hello Julienne, I recently remade this recipe because people were having issues with dryness which I believe mostly came from the way they were measuring flour. When I first made this recipe over a decade ago I measured flour by lightly scooping it into a measuring cup, which would give you about 120 to 125 grams for a cup. What I found though is that most people here in the states measure by scooping their measuring cup into the flour, and then leveling, which yields closer to 140 g per cup. So, I reduced the volume measure I had originally posted by a 1/4 of a cup, and gave the weight measurements. I remade these 4 times to get the measurements right. So, if you have scale, use it for this and measure out 400g.

      • Rachel

        Hi there, just made these muffins using the weight measurement and it does seem a bit high. I used 50/50 all-purpose flour with white whole wheat flour, used 3/4 cup walnuts and 1/4 cup dried currants but otherwise followed the instructions very closely. I had to add a couple splashes of milk to the batter when I was adding my dry mix to the wet mix to make sure I could combine everything without overmixing. The muffins came out really yummy!

      • Lynn

        Well, I just made these exactly as directed and measured precisely 400 grams of flour. This amount is just right, not too much flour at all! I think the recipe is perfect just as it is!

  • Kathryn

    Made this did not make any changes to recipe. Turned out great will definitely make again.


  • Meredith

    I just made these delicious muffins. I followed the recipe exactly and did add 1 cup of chopped pecans. It is a great recipe! The recipe made 17 moist yummy muffins. So glad I found this recipe.


  • Robin

    I just made these & yes, they are delicious. My modifications were a sugar called sweet leaf, its half cane sugar & half stevia. I did 1/3 C of that & 1/3 cup of brown sugar. My zucchini was pretty wet (just picked this morning) so mine are way to wet. I baked them 10 extra minutes (I also made the 1st 6 too big so they are quite doughy. All my own fault. I am making the next 6 much smaller & I’m sure they will be great. Thanks for sharing!


  • Jen G

    LOve these!!! And so does the family. I added a few chocolate chips to one batch and delish!


  • Jan McHugh

    Made these with the nuts and cranberries. I used 2 teaspoons of baking powder though. It makes the muffin soft and loftier. I use the jumbo muffin tins. So I baked them at 375 degrees for 25 min. They were very good! Going to make these again!


  • Erika

    These muffins cake out awesome!! I added mini chocolate chips.. yummy


  • Mona

    I made this just now. I doubled the recipe, used half zucchini and half carrots, used brown sugar and whole wheat flour. They turned out so delicious and moist! Will definitely make them again!


  • Maggie

    Followed the recipe and made 14 average size muffins. We found them moist and tasty. Using three cups of zucchini was a bonus!


  • Carri

    Wow, these are so good I made a second batch 2 days later, but was out of cranberries so used chopped dates instead, cutting the sugar to 1 1/4 cup since the dates are so sweet. I actually have zucchini left so will probably end up making a 3rd batch even! They came out perfect each time.


  • Gayle

    Just finished cooking these at the trailer in my toaster oven baking a half dozen at a time. They are absolutely amazing, so moist and delicious. I left out the walnuts as my husband is not a fan but used the dried cranberries. The recipe made 1 dozen plus 6 in a regular size muffin tin. Maybe next time I will add pecans in place of the walnuts. I will definitely be making these again.


  • B.Mc

    So glad to have found this recipe, its so close to what I remember my Moms zucchini bread being , but I wanted to make muffins, thank you :)


  • Ann McColey

    Fabulous! I omitted the raisins and added zest from one small lemon.


  • Louise

    Delicious! Added 3/4 cup choppe pecans, no raisins. Made 15 large muffins.

  • Melinda

    Super easy to modify as well. We made a few substitutions and still fabulous. We substitute 2 3/4 c flour for 1 3/4 cup flour and 2 cup old fashioned oats. we substitute 1 1/3 cup sugar for 1 cup packed dark brown sugar and 1/3cup white sugar. we substitue 3/4 cup butter with 1/2 cup butter ,1/4 cup avacado oil. works perfect!!! 350 for 23 minutes. We also changed the entire flavor by using the modifications above, omiting ginger, nutmeg, raisins and walnuts and adding 2 tablespoons of hersheys special dark cocoa powder. unbelievable yuy healthy chocolately upcakes. Thank You


  • Renate

    YUM! Light and fluffy. Made jumbo muffins and had a little bit of batter left, so I put that into mini muffins. I will make these again! You would never believe that there is zucchini in them! :-)
    Thank you for the recipe!


  • Wendy

    Really turned out nice. Used chocolate chips instead of raisins


  • Freeda price

    These are so delicious, wii definitely be making them again for the holidays if I can wait that long


  • Tricia

    Very good muffins. One question: I like the flavor.of brown sugar. Can I just use 1/2 white sugar and 1/2 brown sugar if I want? Thanks!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Tricia,
      I haven’t tried subbing out some of the white sugar with brown sugar, but I don’t see why that would be a problem. Go for it!

  • Connie

    Just made these today! Delicious…..made 12 large muffins. Will definitely make them again.


  • Heather

    These were delicious! Making them for the 3rd time this summer.


  • Bree

    I’ve made these a couple times now. This last time I was a bit short on zucchini so I topped it up with grated carrots. I also have been adding frozen cranberries (thawed) because I usually have those instead of dried ones. Excellent recipe, light and fluffy with great taste! Mine cooked in about 23 minutes.


  • Claire

    Success! I did just one cup of sugar, backed off the spices a bit (the five year old is fond of bland foods). Took a little over one pound of zucchini to hit the three cup mark, which is an awesome amount of veg! I squeezed quite a bit of juice out of the grated zucchini with a clean dish towel. Still plenty of moisture in the finished product. I also used a white wheat flour, and the muffins still were super light and fluffy. Divvied up all the batter into my jumbo cupcake tin (six muffins) and it took exactly 30 minutes. Absolutely divine right out of the oven with a sinful amount of butter :) Perfect recipe!!!

  • Jieun

    This is so good. Thanks a lot.

  • Mom of hungry boys

    I really like this recipe. I use half the ginger. It created too much heat for my family’s taste buds.
    Love the 3 cups of zucchini and how light an fluffy they are.


  • Karen

    Came out great love that it uses 3 cups of zucchini


    • Elise Bauer

      Right? This time of year I appreciate anything that uses a lot of zucchini!

  • Annette Mack-Barnett

    We loved these muffins. Very moist. This recipe is a keeper.


  • Kelli

    I haven’t made them yet, but the reviews are very encouraging! Could you tell me (approximate) nutritional values (calories, fat, carbs, etc)? thanks!

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Kelli! We don’t currently calculate the nutritional information on our recipes. I’d suggest using an online nutritional calculator, like this one. Enjoy!


    Moist and delicious, my go to recipe for zucchini muffins!


  • Michele perry

    Wondeing if I can make this into a bread? Any changes I need to make?

  • Louise

    Made these yesterday along with another recipe. While I thought these were good, they were not as moist as the other recipe I used and I felt there was a slight “odd” taste to them. My husband didn’t notice when he sampled them last night. I brought them into the office for a breakfast bridal shower – we will see what my coworkers think!


  • Sharon

    Taste amazing—can’t stop eating them, easy to make, will definitely make again.


  • Pam

    Totally 5 star! Easy to make and taste awesome; moist, great texture
    Will make these over and over again


  • Maria

    I made these without nuts or dried fruit but added about 1/3 cup honey to the mix. They were amazing!!!! Will definitely use this recipe again. Thank you

  • Cindy Haviland

    I made these last night with just the raisins and they’re DELICIOUS! So moist and flavorful! This recipe is a keeper! 5 STARS!


  • Marian

    This is my go-to recipe for zucchini muffins! One thing I did find: the butter version tastes better, but the oil version holds up better in the freezer. I make these and freeze them for school day breakfast, and the butter one didn’t seem to stay as moist after thawing.


  • Kathryn

    I made these twice already and have been asked to copy recipe for others. Thumbs up. This will always be my go to recipe for zucchini muffins.

  • Sharron

    Absolutely PERFECT !
    Wasn’t quite sure at first, since I had never made Zucchini muffins only bread but I will certainly keep this recipe and perhaps try some of the changes left by comments.
    Anyway, my husband was surprised how good they were.
    Thank You

  • Millicent

    This is the second time I’ve perused the vast archive of Simply Recipes and I must say, I was impressed yet again. The muffins came out perfectly baked in 30 minutes with a nice round dome shaped top and fluffy exterior. I brought these to work today and they were described as “bomb.”

    My changes:
    1. Instead of 280 g white sugar, I used 140 g brown sugar and 140 g white sugar.
    2. The muffins needed a little more sweetness, so I whisked together a lemon-vanilla bean glaze (1 cup confectioner’s sugar, 2 tablespoons Meyer lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste) to drizzle on top.
    3. For the spices, I used 1 teaspoon of cardamom in place of the ginger. For vanilla, I used vanilla bean paste in place of vanilla extract.
    4. Toast the roughly chopped walnuts for 3 minutes in a pan, let cool and then folded into the batter – makes a world of difference!


  • Romina

    These came out awesome! My picky 4 year old even approved! I added some chia seeds and made reg sized and mini muffins. Perfect for breakfasts and snacks in our house :)


  • Janelle

    Does the shredded zucchini need to be drained, or used with all its wetness/liquid?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Janelle, generally I think it’s a good idea to let the shredded zucchini sit in a sieve over a bowl for a while, especially if it’s pretty wet. The last few zucchini I used to make this recipe didn’t need it. I also think there is enough flour in this recipe that the zucchini can be a little wet without it affecting the muffins.

  • Trinity

    Recipe made 16 large muffins for me. ABSOLUTELY DELECTABLE!


  • Ann K.

    What an amazing recipe! Will definitely make again.


  • Paula

    I made this exactly following the recipe and added the raisins and nuts. It’s a keeper! My muffins were a light texture, were neither too moist nor dry, and they taste so good. Thank you for sharing.


  • Danielle

    Holy smokes! These babies are good!!!!!


  • Katy D.

    Question: weight vs volume measurement. I was pretty excited yesterday, to find this recipe with so many comments that certified that the recipe was perfect as written. I set up to make it this morning & when I got to the dry ingredients, I noticed that the volume & weight measure for the flour is not correct. That left me with the dilemma of: which way is perfect/intended? I have been baking muffins for too many years to confess to. I have switched to weighing my flours when I bake, & do seem to get more consistent results. All the references I have give 1 cup of flour to weigh 120 or 125 grams. So 2 & 3/4 cups should be 330 or 345 g. I am writing in because you indicate that you have very recently updated the recipe. Another really odd thing was that my batter was what i refer to as ‘sloppy’. I had put out some milk to warm to room temp, in case my batter was dry (as indicated by a number of reviewers). Nope. I had to add a couple more tablespoons of flour. I had settled on 360 g of flour – random estimate based on the conflicting measures. I know that some of my many muffin recipes have ‘sloppy’ batter & turn out fine, … AND many of them have very stiff batters & turn out fine. My muffins turned out well this morning – at least the ones I baked. I put a 6 muffin tin of unbaked batter into the freezer – to be baked at a later date. This usually results in an even better product than when baked when originally mixed! (keep frozen until ready to bake – bake as directed and they may require a few extra minutes) Anyway, could you clarify the flour measurement, … please & thanks. Katy

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Katy, thanks for your comment! I recently remade this recipe because people were having issues with dryness which I believe mostly came from the way they were measuring flour. When I first made this recipe over a decade ago I measured flour by lightly scooping it into a measuring cup, which would give you about 120 to 125 grams for a cup. What I found though is that most people here in the states measure by scooping their measuring cup into the flour, and then leveling, which yields closer to 140 g per cup. So, I reduced the volume measure I had originally posted by a 1/4 of a cup, and gave the weight measurements. I remade these 4 times to get the measurements right. So, if you have scale, use it for this and measure out 400g.

  • JessB

    I’ve made these since the recipe was first published and they are an absolute must every summer. Perfect every time as written.


  • Lydia

    These muffins have a fantastic crumb and baked up beautifully. The spices are wonderfully balanced.
    Like all bakers I edited for personal preference (sub white sugar for 3/4 c brown and 1ish cup diced dates). But, I’m sure it would be perfect in it’s original form to.


  • miranda

    They are good, but we have an egg allergy so the egg was replaced with 1/3 C applesauce and 1/4 C veg. oil

  • Clover

    These really taste like baking soda. I couldn’t eat them. But the kids liked them and my sister said she didn’t notice the taste. Also, they are a bit dry. If I made them again I would definitely back off on the baking soda and maybe add a little milk.


    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Clover, based on your feedback and feedback from others, I’ve done more testing on the recipe and have reduced the baking soda amount, and added some baking powder. This change still gives the muffins plenty of leavening, but you shouldn’t have that baking soda taste anymore. The dryness I think comes from how people measure flour differently. When I first developed the recipe I measured flour in a way that made the amounts very light. Given that most people just scoop and level, that’s what I’m doing now, and the amount is lower. I’ve also given the amount in weight. Hope that all helps!

  • DJ

    great recipe

  • Rachel

    These were fantastic! I have Celiac so I made them gluten free and they were some of the best gluten free muffins I’ve ever made! I skipped the spices since I can’t have them except I used about 1/4 tsp of cinnamon. I also added about a 1/3 cup of brown sugar and used zucchini from my garden. So so yummy will definitely make them again! Next time I’m going to try coconut oil instead of butter to make them dairy free as well. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Crystal

    Turned out perfect! Im still a bit of a novice to zucchini muffins :) Thanks for the recipe <3


  • Jess

    So good! I used whole wheat flour, changed the sugar to 1 cup of brown sugar, added about 1/2 cup of almond milk and 2 tbsp of ground flaxseed.
    Super moist and delicious!! My toddler can’t get enough of them! Even my picky husband likes them!


  • Carol

    Very delicious and moist. I used Paleo flour. One grated apple and 2 cups of grated zucchini. 1 cup of brown sugar. I increased the amount of nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon. Put a mixture of dried cranberries, walnuts, and raisins. Cooked them for about 30 min. I have a baker’s dozen.


  • Barbara

    I cannot make these muffins fast enough for my family…My husband eats 2 or 3 a day. The kids love with the chocolate chips. Now that summer is here, the zucchini in my garden cannot grow fast enough. Thank you P.S. My muffins do not come out dry – I do not ring the water out of them..

  • Patti

    I thought these were really good. I used 1/2 butter and 1/2 coconut oil. I also thought the batter was to thick, so I added about a 1/2 cup of milk. Used toasted walnuts, cranberries, and choc. chips. I will make these again, using less flour and more cinnamon. Husband loved them.

  • Julie

    Only thing is that recipe have too much flour…dry muffin…I should listen my little voice saying stop a 2 cups

  • Charyl

    Isnt this recipe missing some liquid?

  • Oralea

    Have made these a number of times but add mini chocolate chips. :) The make a great “bake it together” activity and a yummy after school snack!


  • Geraldine

    These were so delicious, I didnt have walnuts and replaced them with pumpkin seeds, really yummy


  • Nicole

    They are awesome!!! My first time making anything with zucchini in it but I really love they and would recommend them to any and every one I know, thank you for the recipe.

  • Catarina

    I made these tonight to try them out, I was a little sceptical. However, THEY ARE GREAT!!! So tasty & moist! I made slight changes to the reciepe:

    Brown sugar instead of white
    Sunflower oil instead of butter (I didn’t have butter on hand.)
    3 table spoons of cinnamon (my kids love cinnamon!!)
    Quarter cup home made almond milk (my batter was very thick that the flour wasn’t mixing in well)

    I didn’t add walnuts because I didn’t have any on hand but I added two handfuls of dried cranberries!! They are great! I also didn’t use nutmeg because I didn’t have any on hand. I want to try this reciepe again but with apple sauce to substitute for oil.

    I am sure the whole family will love these!!

  • Carla J

    I made these for my husband who is a diabetic. I replaced the sugar with Truvia and HE LOVED THEM. I might eventually try them with a flour with less carbs (coconut or almond). I also made two batches: one with no cranberries and Trivia – another batch per the recipe but I did add about 3/4 cup of shredded coconut, more cranberries and more walnuts about a 1/4 cup of each and they were more moist and DELIOUS! I love experimenting with recipes.


  • Karen

    Muffins were perfectly moist. No baking soda problem. Added the nuts and dried cranberries, no changes to recipe and they turned out as expected. Will be a great recipe this summer when zucchini are prolific! Bonus! Got 18 muffins and I’m not complaining!


  • Karen

    These are absolutely delicious! Didn’t change a thing.


  • Toni

    Could you use almond flour instead?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Toni, I haven’t tried making it with almond flour, and generally the two flours aren’t interchangeable in baking. That said, if you try it, please let us know how it turns out for you!

      • Toni

        Hi! I decided to not use the almond flour and just stick to the recipe. They came out great! Yes. They are a bit on the dry side, and I did add just a splash of milk while mixing. But overall, flavorful and tasty!! Added a touch of margarine while warm. Yum!! Thank you!!

  • Sharon Rodden

    I am baking them right now. They look good , batter not too thick. We will see.

  • Charlie

    First off I don’t know if these other people commenting that it taste like baking soda, just don’t know how to measure or bake. But mine came out great. Added rasins to it and they are not dry or soda tasting.
    Thanks for the great recipe.


  • Jen

    I have to agree. I made these tonight and followed the recipe to the T. I should have looked at the comments before making them. WAY way too much baking soda. If anyone else is going to make this use one teaspoon maybe but definitely not two. They were awful and I had to throw them away. Wasted two good zucchinis. Bummer!

  • JN

    I made these and I even made a double batch to use up my zucchini but I must say I did not find them exceptionally moist. Maybe I was expecting more than what I actually got. I do like the taste of them but thought they were a bit dry after a couple days.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi JN, glad you liked the taste of them! Just so you know, pretty much any muffin is going to be dry after a couple of days. Muffins are meant to be eaten the day they are baked. If you want to preserve them for later, I would recommend letting them cool to room temp, the freezing them. Defrost and reheat in a microwave when you want to eat. That will preserve the moistness.

  • OMF

    How much zucchini is 3 cups shredded? 1 lb? 2 lb.? Do you squeeze the extra moisture from the zucchini?

    • Elise Bauer

      Good question! I’ll have to weigh it the next time I make it. Zucchini can really vary in moisture levels. Sometimes it’s not wet at all, and you have to sprinkle some water on it. Sometimes the shredded zucchini is very wet, in which case it’s a good idea to just let it drain for a few minutes in a sieve over a bowl.

  • Margaret

    This is my go-to zucchini recipe now. Love how fluffy they are. I added both pecans and dried cranberries.

  • Nechama

    These were great. Made for a holiday coming up in a few days. Thanks. I didn’t look at instructions and added all the ingredients together, mixed, poured and baked. I didn’t feel like making more than 12 so I made a pancake with the rest. Yum! Passing along the recipe.

  • Elise Bauer

    Hello Kay, the ratio of baking soda to flour for this recipe is one that I’ve used in numerous baking recipes without an issue. That said, some people are particularly sensitive to bitter flavors and if you have that supercharged bitter sensor, you will pick up more of the bitter flavor from the baking soda than others. You can try cutting back on the baking soda. The muffins may end up a bit more dense as a result.

  • Lawrenceene

    Hello I made these muffins last night. They were delicious. Batter made 18 muffins. I took them to work. Everyone loved them. I have another batch in in the oven now. Thank you

  • Donna Tagmeyer

    Do you peel the zucchini

  • mary anderson

    I used golden raisins and walnuts, 2 cups AP flour and one cup of pastry flour. Light and delicious, Came out of the tins easily and delicious with a spread of butter warm from the oven. We also love the recipe because the muffins do not taste overly sweet.

  • Carol

    They taste great but are quite dense maybe because I substituted 1 cup of whole wheat flour. Also wondered if I shredded the zuchinni too course. I’ve learned with carrot cake it’s better to shred the carrots fine. Maybe it’s the same with zuchinni?

  • Nicholas Hillyer

    Made these today,they came out wonderfully,so, I made another batch,so I can share them with friends.
    I am a self taught baker; I tease people by saying I went to school to bake,school of hard crusts !

  • Marion

    I make muffins all the time and found these to be very dry, I was wondering if there should of been some sour or buttermilk in them? Very stiff batter.

    • Lawrenceene Howard

      Wow. Did you use all of the ingredients? My batter was perfect!

    • Diane

      I agree, too dry . I made them exactly as stated and I wouldn’t make them again. I equate zucchini with moisture. I was very disappointed! I’m glad I didn’t put the cranberries and walnuts in them. I got worried when the batter was all mixed and it looked really DRY !

    • Sharon

      Marion, my batter was stiff, dry looking, too. Yikes, and I thought the recipe called for too much baking soda, but I followed directions. Here’s hoping! I’ll comment after they are baked.

  • Tina

    I just made them and could not wait to cool. Delicious. I added some shredded apple and split the batch so one batch had nuts and one did not! Yummy. My batch made 18 which was perfect!

  • HollyAnn Allen-Winters

    I made your zucchini muffin recipe and they are delicious. I’ve made them three times in the last month. My husband loves them.

  • Tammy

    Made this recipe and added dark chocolate chips and blackberries….delicious!

  • LD

    Made these last night. Sadly, very disappointing. Turned out flavorless, and despite not over-mixing they are thick and chewy.

    • Cara

      Agree with previous reviewer. Followed the recipe exactly and found the muffins to be tasteless. What a waste of good zucchini.

  • Nicolelala

    I doubled the recipe! Turned out awesome! I’m trying to cut down my sugar though so I only used 2 cups of brown sugar. You might want to add just a teensy bit more liquid when doubling this recipe. I added 1/3 cup of milk.

  • Mika

    I put a little lemon juice into the baking soda to make it fizz, that way you will not have that baking soda taste in the muffins!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Mika, if you do that you force the baking soda to make bubbles outside of the muffin batter instead of inside the batter, thus negating the whole purpose of the baking soda. You may as well leave it out.

  • loretta

    Nutrition Facts nuts and craisin, made

    Servings 14.0
    Amount Per Serving
    calories 353
    % Daily Value *
    Total Fat 16 g 24 %
    Saturated Fat 6 g 32 %
    Monounsaturated Fat 3 g
    Polyunsaturated Fat 4 g
    Trans Fat 0 g
    Cholesterol 50 mg 17 %
    Sodium 204 mg 9 %
    Potassium 138 mg 4 %
    Total Carbohydrate 50 g 17 %
    Dietary Fiber 5 g 19 %
    Sugars 26 g
    Protein 5 g 11 %
    Vitamin A 7 %
    Vitamin C 7 %
    Calcium 5 %
    Iron 4 %

  • Autumn

    I made the recipe exactly as written, and these muffins turned out amazing. Not dry or anything. My whole family scarfed them down. Even my veggie-averse husband. :) I made a double batch and it made enough for 4 trays (12 e.) of muffins.

  • Elizabeth

    does anyone know the nutrition facts for these muffins

  • Jamie

    These muffins turned out dry and flavor-less.

  • Nicole

    Is this batter okay to make the night before and bake in the morning?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hello Nicole, no, the zucchini muffins use a “quick bread” batter, which means that the leavening action starts happening as soon as you put the dough together. You should bake the bread as soon as you make the dough/batter.

  • Krista S.

    They’re in the oven right now! If using a regular cupcake pan this recipe makes more than 12, just fyi.

  • Andrea Cooke

    I’m always looking for ways to use up zucchini and am a muffin addict. I just made these. I swapped in a cup of whole wheat flour for one of the white cups, reduced the sugar by a 1/3 c (to make it one cup), but threw in some chocolate chips (in lieu of nuts so the kids can take them to school) and the zest and juice of half a lemon for a little twist. They look and taste delicious. For kids who don’t like green flecks in their muffins, peel the zuch!

  • Jennifer

    JUst made these (as in they are sitting in my counter and cooled enough for me to try one). So so good. Instead of cranberries and walnuts I added a diced Granny Smith Apple and chopped pecans. Delicious!


    WOW……made these muffins today ,so so yummy and moist with a delicious cinnamon taste.I added 2 cups of sultanas as that was the only dried fruit I had in pantry but followed the exact recipe and have to say they came out of the oven looking just like the picture with the recipe.The great thing about this recipe is that you could add whatever you like so next time I will experiment….Thank you Simple Recipes for a great muffin recipe…………


  • Katrina

    I made a gluten free version of these muffins and added protein powder and chocolate chips as well, they were amazing!!

  • Lila

    Hi I want to make these for class and as I’m reading through the comments I see they can dry out quickly like a bread? It it okay to make them the night before and stick them in a Tupperware container or should I wake up extra early to make them?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Lila, muffins are always best freshly baked, but these should be fine if you make them the night before and store them in an air tight container.

  • Ruth

    I have made these muffins a few times now & my family & I love them! I have used Craisins and fresh cranberries both delicious! I did use whole wheat flour instead of white flour. I’m going to use some of these suggestions about the sugar and butter to make them even healthier! Thanks for the share!

  • Katie

    These were super tasty but flat in appearance. Any idea why they didn’t crown??

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Kati, several things could affect rise — how old your baking soda is, how old your eggs were, how long you let the batter sit before baking, how much you beat the batter. The batter should only be mixed until the flour is incorporated.

  • Jessica

    This was my first time making muffins. They turned out delicious!! I normally dont eat pastries, but cant wait to have these with my cafe tomorrow!

  • Brooke

    Just made these. Used no sugar added applesauce instead of butter. Substituted 1/4 cup brown sugar + 1/2 white sugar instead of 1 & 1/3. Switched out 1 cup of flour for whole wheat flour and put chopped apples instead of dried fruit. Little dense, but taste amazing!

  • Bridget

    I made these muffins and actually got 18 muffins. I’ll be taking them into work tomorrow. I thought they were good. Reminds me of spice cake or something.

  • Marilyn Piper

    Do you think adding chopped apples would be a good addition?

  • Catherine Grattan

    The muffins turned out great! They taste so good, now I just wish there was a frosting recipe for the muffins too! My sis told me it was the best muffin she’d ever tasted. :)

  • Carrie

    Hi, I loved these muffins but wondered if there’s a way to make them a bit healthier – do you think I can replace some of the butter with greek yogurt, and use whole wheat flour? What about replacing sugar with maple syrup?

    My thinking is that the greek yogurt replacement reduces the amount of liquid in the overall recipe, but using maple syrup instead of sugar will but that back in…

  • Mandy

    I made these the other day and they were fantastic. I substituted applesauce and a bit of oil for the butter and they were great! I have a whole garden full of zucchinis, so we will be making these again! Thank you for the great recipe!

    • Carrie

      Hi Mandy, how much applesauce and oil did you use?

      • Mandy

        I used 1/2 C applesauce and a little less than 1/4 C canola oil.

  • Tynah Jade

    I made these with gluten free flour and they turned out just like the picture and taste awesome with good texture. Thank you!

  • Holly del Rosario

    I thought that with the muffins having a vegetable in them, I would work to make them even healthier for my family so I used 1/4 C. Dried milk and 1/4 C. Soy protein powder and reduced the flour to 2 1/2 cups. I also replaced the white sugar with half the amount of Stevia. I increased both the cinnamon and nutmeg by about half each, both for extra flavor and extra health benefits.

  • Maria B

    I have been using this recipe for about two years now and I absolutely love it! I’ve made muffins and zucchini bread, and both turn out great. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe – it’s a family favorite!

  • Deb F

    Very good

  • Jeannie

    Should I let the zucchini drain before adding ? Or just use right after grating?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Jeannie, it’s a good idea to let it drain a few minutes first if your zucchini is rather wet.

      • Merel

        If you add the zucchini to the ‘dry’ mixture, instead of to the egg/sugar mix, it will soak up the moist from the zucchini without the juices going to waste. That’s what I also do with carrot cake, it worked really well also for this recipe.

  • Xena Ferrario

    I am trying this with lemon zest and a little of the juice. Hope the muffins come out okay.

  • Karin :)

    Do you know if these freeze well? I’d like to make these ahead of time for a camping trip. Also, as long as I use 1 cup, could I sub pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds for the walnuts? How about dried blueberries & cranberries as long as I don’t exceed 1 cup combined..?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Karen, muffins usually do freeze well so I would expect these to freeze well too. Yes, swap out the walnuts with pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Sounds great! Dried blueberries and cranberries would work too.

      • Laura

        Karin, I have made this recipe a few times and frozen the muffins. They freeze great! They make a great quick breakfast for my toddler too; just microwave straight out of the freezer for about 45 seconds and he gobbles them up! :)

    • JessB

      I freeze these muffins all the time. They thaw beautifully!

  • Dan

    I just harvested 2 zucchinis from my garden and found your recipe. They turned out great!

  • Julia Blushak

    E – Thanks for a good base – I used it to explore today – used 1 cup sour dough starter with 2 c. dry whole wheat, honey from Spain and brown sugar, with grated zucchini (the size of a neanderthal’s club). Bonus is that the recipe almost doubled and they are edible!!! Enjoy summer where you are.

  • Kerry

    I have (fresh) frozen grated zucchini. Would I be able to use that if I let it thaw and drain first?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Kerry, yes, you should be able to use the defrosted, drained shredded zucchini.

  • Amanda

    I had a ton of zucchini from our summer CSA and found this recipe. Just made them and they are AMAZING. Thank you!!

  • David

    These are amazing!! Thanks!

  • Elizabeth

    I like the ratio of ingredients – more zucchini less sugar than most – but I want to make loaves. Would I need to make any changes?

  • Elise

    I made these last night and they turned out GREAT! Just like th pictures! I didn’t have nutmeg so I used garam masala instead. Boyfriend loved them. Will definitely make these again.

  • Barbara

    I forgot to put the butter in, I was so sad. Low and behold they are delicious and and no fat!!

  • Colleen Murray

    Dear Elise, our family LOVES your banana muffin recipe, so I am sure this one will be fabulous, too. I would like to make them as mini-muffins…do you know how long they should bake? Thanks.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Colleen, great question! I have not made them in a mini muffin pan. If anyone else reading this has, please feel free to weigh in.

    • SK

      I made these as mini muffins and they took about 14 minutes.

      • Colleen M Murray

        Hi, SK – Thanks so much for this information! Very helpful.

  • Tery

    Hi there!
    Mine tasted fine and smelled great! But it was a little on the dry side. Any suggestions on how to make it more moist on the next batch? Thanks!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Tery, two things can influence the moisture level, assuming the ingredient amounts are constant. First is the shredded zucchini itself. Does it seem a little dry? Zucchini varies wildly in its moisture level. If you put the shredded zucchini in a colander or sieve and no moisture drips out, sprinkle it with some water. Second is the baking time, which can vary depending on your oven and how much you filled up your muffin cups. So test early.

  • Rosemary

    Mine came out moist but dense as a rock. Batter was like bread dough

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Rosemary, sounds like perhaps the batter was over-beaten. That will make it tough and dense.

  • Derani

    All I can say is Oh My God. These came out Soooo Good.

  • Martha White

    Uh oh. I bought zucchini today, Sunday, for muffins I don’t need to make until Thursday. Can I make and freeze these muffins? I suppose I should wrap them air-tight in clingwrap before freezing them, yes?

  • Carolyn

    I feel stupid asking this question, but do you peel the zucchini before grating it?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Carolyn, great question! No, no need to peel the zucchini before grating it.

  • Isabella

    I made these pretty much exactly to recipe (subbing in Nuttelex instead of butter coz I’m allergic to dairy), and instead of sultanas I used 1 Cup of fresh grapes off our vine – they turned out fabulously! The measurements delivered 16 generously-sized muffins. Thanks for a great recipe :)

    • Laura

      You can also substitute coconut oil — it’s healthier than butter, tasty, and super easy to work with!

  • Corvi

    These worked great. I used half bread flour and half rye wheat flour because that’s what I had around and I subbed out 1/2 c of the granulated sugar for brown. The consistency came out just right though a tad sweet. I might just reduce the sugar overall to just 1 c. or maybe even 3/4 c. I also used the optional raisins and walnuts. These muffins are getting rave reviews from my family.

  • Stephanie

    We made these this morning and added the zest from half a lemon, cut the 1/3 granulated sugar out and replaced it with brown sugar. These are excellent !!!!!!!

  • MP

    I accidentally left out the butter and they still were good! Will definitely make these again.

  • Mia

    These were great! I am a college student, and I picked up a zucchini at my local farmer’s market only to take it home and realize I have no idea what to do with it. I have limited commodities at my apartment, so I used salted butter instead of unsalted butter and I didn’t put in nutmeg but they came out great! Definitely using this recipe again if I ever find myself in possession of a random zucchini!

  • Carolee

    This recipe was easy AND delicious! We used whole wheat flour and chocolate chips – the whole family loved them! Thanks for the recipe!

  • Meg

    Made these last night-so good and super healthy. I substituted applesauce instead of using butter; 1 cup of coconut sugar instead 1+ of white; no nutmeg (bc I didn’t have) and I added about 1/4 cup of chia seeds for some additional protein/nutrient boost. Oh yea and whole wheat flour.

  • Mrs. Wright

    I made these today! Uses 2/3 cup unsweetened applesauce instead of butter or oil. Used only 3/4 cup sugar . Delicious. Had made original recipe a couple times before & it was perfect. I just have a house trying to get healthy, hence the changes. Over all, best recipe I’ve found so far!!

  • Mary

    Made zucchini muffins with my 4 yr old class. They love them also they got a chance to help with the ingredients. Parents enjoyed them as well. Thanks


    You say these recipes don’t need a mixer, yet the eggs need to be beaten… Any suggestions?

  • Lindsay

    Made these today, and they are awesome!! I used a silicone muffin pan and they are so huge, but perfectly baked. Thanks for the great recipe!


  • Helen Burton

    What is the trick to getting the muffins out of the pan in one piece? I hate the paper muffin liners as the muffin sticks to them but using a cast iron muffin pan also presents problems no matter how much I butter (margerine) the cups. Should I heat the pan before adding the batter?
    The muffins are delicious though messy as they did not come out whole.
    Thank you.

    • Corvi

      I used the silicone muffin cups and they slipped right out without a problem. They don’t require any greasing either.

  • Helen roeber

    These muffins are awesome I broke the sugar into two parts some white and some brown sugar added raisins coconut and cranberries , results are very moist muffins slice in half and grill on fry pan until warmed back up delicious

  • mel

    These are amazing! I added walnuts.

  • Camille

    Oh, I wanted to mention that I got 12 standard muffins and 2 mini loaf pans out of this batch! It definitely would make 12 jumbo muffins :) [Probably because I used more zucchini?]

  • Camille

    These are definitely the best zucchini muffins EVER! I read through the comments and followed a couple of suggestions. I used 1/3 C butter and 1/3 C coconut oil, 1 1/2 C whole wheat and 1 1/2 C AP flour, and probably 4 C of zucchini (I shredded 1 and 1/2 large zucchinis from our prolific garden, but didn’t actually measure it). I also had pecans (my parents have pecan trees), but no walnuts, so that’s what I used. Otherwise, I followed the recipe as written :) They are moist, delicious, and still warm from the oven! My toddlers ate them and are asking for more :) I LOVE the nutmeg in them. Thanks for a keeper recipe!!!

  • Michelle

    These were awesome! Made one batch with quantities according to original recipe (very tasty) and another batch with 1/4 cup of honey instead of 1 1/3 cup sugar (for my diabetic father). My husband blind taste tested it and preferred the less sweet one. Also, I used coconut oil instead of butter.

  • Jenny G.

    These are awesome! I used about a 3/4 cup more of zucchini then the recipe called for. I like that it isn’t as sweet as other recipes. Great flavor.

  • Barbara

    These look divine! Quick question from a chocoholic: If I wanted to make them chocolate zucchini muffins, about how much cocoa powder do you think I’d need? Many thanks!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Barbara, to make these chocolate zucchini muffins, swap out 1/2 cup of the all purpose flour for 1/2 cup of natural unsweetened cocoa powder.

      • Barbara

        Thanks Elise!

  • Christine

    This is an excellent recipe. Today however I had an overabundance of blueberries so instead of nuts and raisins or cranberries I added 2 cups of fresh blueberries. I did swap out one cup of all purpose flour for white wheat. I sprinkled the tops with sanding sugar for a nice little crunch. They are awesome!!! The recipe with those changes made 18.

  • Mary

    We got home from vacation and had a plethora of zucchini in the garden. I shredded the larger ones and used some for this recipe. They were excellent. I substituted splenda baking mix for the sugar (not a 1:1 substitution) and used 2 cups AP flour and 1 cup almond meal. I also used half melted coconut oil and half melted butter. I used regular raisins and no added nuts. They rose perfectly, were nice and moist. Next time I will cut back on the splenda mix or just use good old sugar instead because they were a tad sweet. The recipe is a winner though. Thanks!

  • Marie

    These were a disappointment here. They looked and smelled great but the only thing you could taste was the baking soda.

  • Cindy Eggleston

    I made these muffins this morning since our garden is producing so much zucchini, it was a good way to use some of it up. I also added shredded carrots along with the zucchini. What I would do next time is add a little more sugar, they weren’t quite sweet enough, or even agave. I was able to get all of the batter into 12 muffin cups so they made nice big muffins. The other thing I would do is bake them a few minute less, although they seem very moist when you take them out if not eaten while warm they tend to dry out within a day. But this is a very good recipe over all.

  • Karee

    I just made these, they are amazing! I used part brown sugar instead of all white. And I added 3/4 -1 cup chopped pecans and at the last minute about the same amount of flaked coconut. I was afraid it was going to make it too sweet but it didn’t, they reminded me of carrot cake. Thanks for the great recipe!


  • Liat

    I tried these yesterday and they were the best muffins i have ever baked – and i tried many recipes. added a tiny bit of a clove too.
    my husband couldn’t believe there’s zucchini inside.
    thank you for this, i’ll definitely try some other recipes here.

  • Sonia

    I just made these, completely forgot that we were out of eggs, substituted with a ground flax seed and water ‘vegan egg’ mixture and then forgot to add the butter/oil altogether and they are STILL really good! Not even dry, I have no idea how the reduced liquid content handled all the flour but I am not complaining- maybe it was the striped Mexican zucchinis I used? -I am in Guadalajara. I used one cup whole wheat flour and 2 cups of white flour, added a handful of raisins, sprinkled the last 1/6 c. of turbinado sugar on top instead of putting it in the batter and topped each on with a pecan half. 20 minutes later, perfect muffins, what a versatile recipe! Thanks for another great one, I always come to your site for good recipes.

    • Elise Bauer

      Thanks Sonia! The thing about making muffins like this without the fat is that they will be moist right out of the oven when they are still warm, like freshly baked bread. But they won’t stay that way. So eat them up quickly!

  • Shannon

    I made these tonight, excellent! I added 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour and 1 1/2 cups whole wheat pastry flour to equal 3 cups. I omitted the nuts and added apricots. I also managed to get about 16 muffins. This is definitely a keeper recipe. The sweetness is just right, however next time id like to cut back on the sugar as its just way too much for the amount of muffins this makes, im sure something else can be used instead.

  • Julie

    I made these last week to send with dear friends who were moving out of state. Today she told me that she had gotten very discouraged with the way the move had gone and she ate one of the muffins I sent along, and was encouraged!
    These are great muffins folks! I used part spelt flour and Turbinado sugar. Delicious and I also like the dense texture. They really hold up. What I like to do is slice them horizontally into about four slices butter them and then toast them in the oven for five minutes or so, then spread a little honey on top and toast some more. A real treat any time of day!


  • Aubrey

    Thank u for sharing such a simple and delicious recipe. Since my son started eating table foods, it’s been my quest to find simple yet delicious recipe. This one fits the bill!!! I first tried the original version and it turned out super moist and delicious! My husband who normally doesn’t eat zuchinni bread ate several :) The second time I made these muffins I half the recipe and used white whole wheat flour (added fiber) and two cups of grated zuchinni. It still turned out amazing – my son (15 months old) ate one whole muffin! I feel good knowing that he’s getting his veggies and fiber. I’m going to try the banana muffins next! :)

  • Florence

    Hi I wanted to make this recipe tonight but to my dismay I dont have cinnamon and nutmeg can i just omit this two ingredients?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Florence, you could omit the cinnamon and nutmeg, but you may find the muffins aren’t as tasty as you would expect. Zucchini needs all the help it can get. If you do try it without the spices, let us know how it works out for you!

  • Hillie Dreuth

    Thank you for a great recipe.mine were not as pretty as yours but taste Superb!

  • Maria

    Hi there
    Do I have to squeeze the water out of zucchini?

    • Elise Bauer

      If your zucchini is quite wet, then put it over a sieve and let it drain for a while. But squeezing shouldn’t be necessary.

  • Sarah

    This is a terrific recipe!! we make them in our mini muffin tin and my children devour them.

  • Jenn

    These muffins were awesome! I used 1cup of sugar instead of 1 1/3c, I used 1/3cup melted butter and 1/3cup applesauce for the 2/3c butter, and I used 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup whole wheat flour mixed with 2 cups of white flour (to equal 3 cups of flour) to include a little more fiber. They turned out perfect!!! They were moist and flavorful and fantastic. I will definitely make them again and again.

  • Kim

    Fabulous recipe. Brought it into work and all of my co-workers loved them!

  • Candace

    I tried this recipe and tried to make it vegan. I made the following substitutions-
    Coconut oil instead of butter
    3 tablespoons flackseed meal w/ 6 tablespoons warm water mixture instead of eggs

    Also instead of regular sugar I used 1 cup of splenda baking mix and 1/3 cup brown sugar. Then I use a mixture of 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 white flour. I found the mixture to be a bit dry so I ended up adding a cup of unsweetened coconut milk.

    The recipe turned out great! I think using the coconut milk & oil was a good choice

  • Lara

    I made this for my picky three year old, omitting rasins and nuts. I doubled the amount of zucchini by chopping 6 small zucchinis very fine in my food processor and kept all the liquid. The added liquid made for a very moist batter – not dough-like at all – more like cake. I baked for 20 mintues at 350 in a convection oven. The muffins are super-delicious and a huge hit with our family and our son’s best friend’s family. I will make them again the same way.

  • alison

    Delicious! I didn’t have quite enough zucchini so I used some grated apple to make up the difference and they are yummy. Thank you!

    • Jenn

      I used apples with my zucchini too, especially this time of year when you can find both in the farmers market for a very low price. This batter would also be great with carrots, I think.

  • Meghan Kershner

    So, I made these last night and they turned out great. I didn’t add the optional nuts and fruit, and *still* got 18 muffins out of it. Maybe my tins are smaller than the author’s?

    Great with my morning coffee and eggs!

  • Heidi

    I’m wondering what, if any, changes need to be made for high altitude. Also I’m worried that the batter is too dense–more like cookie dough. I did use 1 cup of whole wheat flour and 2 cups all purpose. These are for my son’s snack day tomorrow and I’m worried they’ll turn out hard and dry.

    Don’t know about the high altitude, I don’t do high altitude baking. As for the whole wheat flour, it should make much of a difference. The zucchini itself will make the dough much thicker than you would expect. Though zucchini (in season) is very moist. Out of season, well, you might want to add a little water to the batter. ~Elise

  • 'BJ'

    I don’t usually like muffins because they are oily. The butter made the difference. I really enjoyed them. They don’t ‘keep’ well because the kids and grandkids devour them before I get a chance to ‘keep’them.

  • Sandra

    I made these this morning and they were fantastic. They were super-moist and I like the butter for the flavor it adds instead of the oil. Folks, try this recipe exactly as it is before you start changing anything. Its perfect the way it is!

  • Mary

    Ok, this is my first time making anything with zucchini so I have a question….. do you peel the zucchini before shredding it or do you just leave it as is and shred the whole thing?

    Hi Mary, usually you can just shred the whole thing. The only time I would peel the zucchini first is if I were working with one of those huge foot-long fat zucchini baseball bats you get sometimes in a garden when you forget to pick and the zucchini just gets huge. Sometimes then the outside peel can get a little tough. ~Elise

    • Jenn

      I peeled mine so my stepson didn’t try to pick out the green things. If your zucchini are clean and unblemished it should be fine to grate them with the skin on. I roast them with the skin on and eat them that way all the time. But feel free to do it the way that feels best for you.

  • oks

    I’ve baked these muffins last night, with a few alterations, and they turned out AMAZING! Moist, spongey, crumbly, mmmm…

    What I’ve changed:
    – no butter: 2/3 cups of corn oil + some sour cream
    – only 1 cup sugar instead of 1 1/3
    – almonds and pumpkin seeds instead of walnuts
    – fresh lingonberries instead of raisins (have a lot of them)
    – topped muffins with pumpkin seeds, grated coconut, almond slices and sesame seeds.
    – the recipe yielded 17 normal-sized muffins!

    And I’ve grated the zucchini unpeeled, so it introduced lovely flecks of green here and there. Will definitely be doing these again!

  • Julie

    I made this for my son’s preschool class as “mini muffins” and everyone LOVED them. I was worried that 4 year old would balk at “zucchini” but everyone ate and loved them. I left out the nuts (for allergy reasons) and cranberries (I didn’t have any!) I also substituted some whole wheat flour. I used 1 1/2 cups whole wheat and 1/2 cup white flour, but didn’t end up adding all of it because the batter was already getting too thick! I’ve had many requests for this recipe and added the link on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • China

    I loved this recipe, although I did make some substitutions not because I felt it needed a change but rather just because of what I had on hand when I decided to make them!

    I used vegetable oil instead of butter (didn’t want to use margarine)

    I didn’t have nutmeg, so I used ground cloves instead – it was fantastic! (Especially because I added 1/3 cup of cocoa and some chocolate chips to make them chocolatey…the cinnamon, cloves and chocolate together were fantastic.)

    I also used all 3 cups whole wheat flour and they were delicious. With this and the walnuts, they are really substantial.

    This is my go-to recipe. Won’t try anything else!

  • Tracy

    I made these today for me and my infant twins (who have inherited my love of baked goods!) I used 1 c. whole wheat white flour and 2 cups all-purpose flour. Turned out great! I also snuck some chocolate chips into my muffins. What a treat for mommy!

  • Erin K.

    This has become my go-to zucchini muffin recipe! I like mixing green and yellow zucchinis, it adds a nice color to the muffins.

  • Lisa @Fern Creek Cottage

    What a fabulous recipe! The muffins come together so easily and they look great. More importantly they are moist and delicious!! I’ve made them twice now, both times I used 2c white flour and 1c whole wheat flour. You can’t even taste the w.w. The second time I made the muffins I added a streusal topping…yummo!

  • Jackie

    Made double batch of these tonight to use up the scads of zuccini coming from the garden. They’re really good. Perfect muffin texture, not too heavy, nor too light. Great shape too. I used 1/2 butter, 1/2 oil, and added a mix of pumpkin seeds, raisins, salted peanuts, hazlenuts, and chunks of good dark chocolate (cuz that’s healthy too, right?) My sons asked twice if they really had zuccini in them!

  • Priya

    This was unreal. So Delish and instantly gobbled up by men who like meat. Excellent way to sneak in some veges. Also I amended it with one ripe banana. Heavenly. Thanks so much for the recipe :)

  • mel

    This is the BEST recipe ever!

    So tasty & yummy, they are addicting.

    Thanks so much!

  • Katie VanBlaricum

    EXCELLENT muffins! I used butter, walnuts, and raisins, and they were the best zucchini bread or muffins I’ve ever made! Thank you!

    P.S. I believe I did substitute white whole-wheat flour for half of the flour, and it worked great!

  • Teresa

    Great recipe! I made a few modifications to make it a little healthier and they turned out airy and delicious:
    – instead of butter, use 1/3 c. canola oil & 1/3 c. applesauce
    – replace half the flour with whole wheat
    – separate eggs and beat whites until frothy
    – omit 1/3 c. sugar
    I also added dark chocolate chunks instead of cranberries.

  • Terry Nee

    I just took these out of the oven-YUMMY! The recipe made 12 standard muffins and 10 mini muffins. I followed the recipe exactly, except I didn’t have unsalted butter, so I used salted butter. Can you tell me why recipes call for the unsalted vs salted? The muffins are great, so I don’t think it made a difference. Thanks

    Recipes call for unsalted butter so you can exactly measure how much salt to add to a recipe. If you use salted butter, you don’t know how much salt you are using. ~Elise

  • Ricci

    I also was worried about the thick dough, at first, but not after they turned out perfectly! This recipe was easy, wholesome, and was the first muffing recipe that I feel turned out like the picture! I had half a zucchini left from dinner that I wanted to use up, so I found your recipe. I added two shredded carrots to the zucchini to make the 3 cups…and I love them!! Your site is my favorite for healthy, all natural recipes. Thanks!

  • Grace

    I don’t know what I did wrong, but I ended up with a very thick dough not batter. Help?

    Well, it’s definitely not a runny batter with all that zucchini and flour. It’s more substantial, much more like a bread dough. ~Elise

  • Gail

    Were really tasty – I added walnuts and cranberries. Only trouble, the first batch overflowed into my oven and filled the house with smoke due to filling the cupcake tin up to the top like the recipe said to do. The next batch did fine with filling the usual 2/3 of the way.

  • Joni

    Really really great muffins! Tonight I am trying to make it as a bread in a 13 x 9 pan, (no cupcake holders) so we will see what happens, you really can’t mess this one up! I snuck flaxseed and wheat germ in also! I have to use egg replacer due to allergy and still comes out great everytime!

  • Katie

    This recipe was delicious! We made it as zucchini bread (in a loaf pan) instead of muffins. We followed the recipe just as written, and we did include the nuts and raisins, but the bake time tripled (approx 1 hour 40 mins at 350 degrees). Fantastic zucchini bread! Thank you!

  • lovingshanelle

    This recipe is great. I just made them. I used whole wheat all purpose flour. I ran out of Vanilla extract and substituted with Almond Extract. The muffins turned out great!! Thanks for the recipe.

  • Kate

    Mmmm… I made these last night and have been enjoying the results. I added a few chocolate chips for a little pizzaz – yum. To compensate, I replaced half the butter with unsweetened applesauce, so hopefully that evened things out a bit. I halved the recipe, and it made exactly 24 mini muffins with not a bit of batter to spare. Thanks for a great recipe!

  • Carrie

    These are great! I have made them several times and they are always a hit. I have made several of your other muffin recipes as well and I always get rave reviews from the family and my co-workers.

  • adriana

    No baking powder for this recipe?

    No. Baking soda and eggs are the leavening agents. ~Elise

  • adie

    Awesome muffins! Everyone loved em! I halved the amount of cinnamon tho!

  • C-A

    I love these muffins. Very moist and delicious. Thanks for posting. :)

  • Sarah

    I made these and they were amazing. Then later I found the melted butter in the microwave. Yes, I forgot the butter and didn’t substitute anything for it and they were still incredible! I have made them a few times since then, but I am now leaving out the butter on purpose to make them lower fat. Try it because these are seriously great muffins even with no butter!

  • elise

    I made this recipe with whole wheat pastry flour and a little less sugar. It was wonderful!

  • sue

    Thanks so much for this recipe, I just ate one and they are so good.
    I added raisins,walnuts and a handful of chocolate chips (for the kids).

  • Sarah

    I’m not sure what I did wrong, but my muffins have a very bitter taste. Any ideas? Baking soda? And out of curiosity, what acidic ingredient in this recipe is the baking soda reacting with? Thanks!

    Hi Sarah, not sure, perhaps the zucchini were a bit bitter? I know sometimes you can get pretty bitter cucumbers and they’re related. Regarding the acidic ingredient, eggs are acidic. ~Elise

  • Erin

    These muffins turned out moist and not too dense but they did lack flavor. I wonder if using salted butter would kick up the flavor a bit. The batter was quite tasty!

    Or you could add a little more salt to the batter. ~Elise

  • wedelka

    These muffins are delicious! Yesterday I made a version with cranberries and today there is no trace of them :) Next time I will add less sugar, because they are a little bit too sweet for me. My version of these muffins you can see on my blog. Thank you for the recipe.

  • Christina

    Holy holy, these are good. We only had one zucchini, so I used 1 cup shredded zucchini and about 2 cups shredded carrots; used half-and-half all-purpose and whole wheat flour; and added the raisins. Delicious! Thanks!

  • Eva

    This is a great recipe. Thank you for posting it. Very simple, very moist and I am now finally able to counter-attack my insanely zucchini producing garden. Even my zucchini hating friend likes these muffins.

  • Clarissa

    I love this recipe, but because of the wonderful thick texture of the batter, I had a hard time scooping it. Any tips on scooping perfect muffins?

    Also, I used muffin cups, just because I like them for on-the-go, and I ended up with about 20 muffins… is that okay? :)

    Hi Clarissa, yes thick batter is harder to scoop. Just do your best. I have no tips on how to scoop them perfectly. As for ending up with 20 muffins, hey if that’s what works for you, that’s what works for you. ~Elise

  • Susan Fineman

    Change NOTHING about this recipe! It is perfect as it is! This gives zucchini a whole new lease on life. I’ve searched for many years and this recipe is the BEST EVER….and the muffins come out as pictured, a tribute in itself. The neighbors were wowed and my fussy husband gave it two thumbs up as well. Thank you Elise Bauer for sharing. I’m going to find another zucchini for a second batch.

  • Shannon

    Elise, my daughter has an egg and zucchini allergy (amongst others). I think I saw in a previous post that squash can be substituted for zucchini. Do you have any idea how the powder egg substitute works for the egg in this recipe? The egg substitute does not work for any boxed cake/cookie/brownie mixes, but I have successfully used it in other mixes I make from scratch, although not so well for cut-out cookies=:(

    Hello Shannon, no idea on the egg substitute. As for squash, zucchini is a type of summer squash, so any summer squash can be used – pattypan, crookneck, etc. If you want to substitute winter squash, I recommend looking up the pumpkin bread recipe on the site. ~Elise

  • ceci

    I’ve made these muffins four times in the last 2 weeks! It’s a struggle to use all of the zucchini that the garden produces, and this is a great, simple, and quick recipe to help with the struggle. I substituted in almonds and cherries and everyone I’ve given them to loves them. Very moist and delicious.

  • Whitney

    I just made these and added white chocolate chips. So delicious! Plus, my kitchen smells fabulous. We have about a half dozen huge zukes, so I will definitely be making more. I’ll have to go pick blueberries tomorrow and make muffins with them as well.

  • karen

    I can’t wait to make these muffins! I only have salted butter – could I use that and omit the pinch of salt.

    Yes, you can use salted butter if you omit the added salt. ~Elise

  • Lisa

    I have made these using all whole wheat flour, and they were fantastic! The dried cranberries and walnuts really complimented the zucchini as well. The recipe as it is slightly overfills 12 muffin cups, but they bake up very nicely. 1 muffin makes a wholesome and filling breakfast.

  • Sherry

    Thank you sooooo much for your recipe. I would always get my zucchini bread and muffins from a supermarket called “Whole Foods”. But when I started using Simple Recipe and then I saw the recipe for zucchini muffins. I said let me try baking me some zucchini muffins. Let me tell you, the family loves it and so do I. Now I don’t have to go to “Whole Foods” to get my zucchini muffins, I just go to my oven.

  • alicia

    I just made these last night. They came out beautifully and are delicious! Since discovering your blog, I have become a food blog addict! I have found a few other blogs that I like such as white on rice couple, savory sweet life, and steamy kitchen, but yours is my favorite!

    Thank you for sharing your yummy recipes!

    You are very welcome. The food blogs you listed are among my favorites as well. ~Elise

  • Wanda

    Can I substitute cucumber for Zucchini?

    No. ~Elise

  • Leigh

    Made these this weekend, minus the nuts and fruit, delicious! BTW, making it the way I did brings them to roughly 300 calories each muffin (12 total muffins in batch).

  • Liz

    I have never made zucchini muffins before. My landlord gifted me a huge zucchini (netted 3 cups grated) and it was a little intimadating. So I made these muffins out of it, without changing the recipe at all. Yummmmmy! And they look just like the picture! I love that the recipe was so detailed, thanks for sharing it.

  • Shaya

    I made these last night. I used whole wheat flour and reduced the amount of cranberries and walnuts to 1/2 cup each. They taste great. This was my first ever attempt at baking something entirely from scratch and now I feel I have the confidence to try more things. Thanks for the awesome recipe.

  • Pam

    Hi loved this I used probably well over 3cups zucchini and used dried cantaloupe instead of nuts/raisins tastes wonderful. I also made 6 giant muffins instead of smaller ones which I recommend sticking too the dozen smaller ones, the larger ones were dense almost cakey. Thank you so much for a recipe that goes so well with substitutions!

  • Naomi

    This recipe is awesome!! I used chopped rhubarb and flax seeds instead of nuts. Tasty!

  • Kayla

    I made these today and they turned out awesome. For those of you wondering about whole wheat flour, I used half whole wheat and half white flour and it turned out fine. I used the recommended amount of butter, but I think it could have used a little more… maybe it was because I made my muffins smaller, but for the next batch though, I will probably use close to a cup of butter instead. I also would recommend some orange zest because even with the dried cranberries, there was something fruity missing still. Overall thumbs up!

  • Chantelle Duckworth

    I adjusted this great recipie, by using 2cups organic whole wheat, 1/2cup organic stone ground flour and 1/2 cup organic quick cooking oats. I also added 4 tablespoons of organic milled flax for an omega boost. I substituted 1/2 cup of grapeseed oil, for the butter, to boost “good” fats.I added an extra tsp of dried ginger for its great digestive properties. I only used 1/2 cup organic white granulated sugar and a dropperful full of stevia to cut down on processed sugar. I added extra dried blue berries, cherries and cranberries (mixed equally) 1/2 cup and 1/2 cup rasins and 1 cup dark chocolate chips (as many schools no longer allow nuts of anykind- which sucks in my book because they are soooo good for you). These muffins worked out great and tasty!!! The whole family loved them!!! I’m thinking I’ll also add some pumpkin seeds next time (I’ll have to check with the school I guess =)

    Thanks again!

  • Lorrie Scott

    If they taste as good as the batter they will be fantastic. I used dried cranberries, and had no nuts. Though I did not use applesauce, I have used it instead of eggs to reduce cholesterol in other recipes…not to replace oil…at least not in ones I have read.

  • PF

    Outstanding recipe!

    Of course, I made it with butter, but with equal amounts brown sugar and white sugar. Also tripled the recipe and it worked just as well in both mini and standard sizes. Thanks!

    Suggestion- an ice cream scoop is the best way to portion batter into muffin tins.

  • Andrea

    OUTRAGEOUSLY delicious! I’ve been experimenting with sugar substitutes and made this change: I used a scant 1/4 cup xylitol and 1/2 cup Agave syrup – doesn’t register on the glycemic index, they say. We’re in Mexico at the minute, so Miel de Maguey (Agave syrup) is available readily here – I buy it at regular grocers in the States, too.

    I also added an additional 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice just for the allspice and ginger (and I love our fresh spices here).

    I took the suggestions of another and beat the egg whites first to soft peaks as I was using 2 cups whole wheat flour and 1 cup white. This helped offset the heaviness of the wheat flour.

    These are SOOOOOOO delicious – and you’re right the make a bit more than the dozen, even without the cranberries or raisins.

    I LOVE THESE MUFFINS. Thanks for the recipe. I’m making another batch tonight for our “language group” meeting tomorrow!!!

  • Erin

    Elise, this recipe has become a favorite of my 18-month old — as well as my husband and I. Since I have a wheat allergy, I modified it just a bit so that it was wheat/gluten free. I just substituted 3 cups Pamela’s Wheat Free Baking mix for the flour and only added 1 tsp baking soda.

    With nuts being a choking hazard for young children, I just finely ground the pecans in my food processor (a couple of good pulses does the trick), and added it to the batter.

    Adding 2 tablespoons of ground flax meal ups the fiber content and complements the taste of the muffins.

    Thank you so much for posting this! YUM! I’m going to link this to my website about healthier baby and toddler finger foods.

  • Jane

    First of all, I love love love this site! Thanks, Elise, for great ideas, recipes, and writing!

    I made these muffins a few weeks ago, and used a giant sized muffin tin (it made six muffins). Had to increase cooking time, of course, but they were FABulous. (I sprinkled pumpkin seeds on top–yummy!)

    ANYway, I made them today, in a normal muffin tin, and they just didn’t get browned on top. They are certainly done (clean toothpick, top springs back) but they are a bit pale.

    Any ideas what the problem is? Thanks!

    No idea. Ovens are all so different, half the time I can’t figure out why things do what they do in mine. ~Elise

  • Stacey

    I just made these EASY muffins during my lunch hour today! my boss gave him one of those HUGE zucchini’s that are the size of an arm (LOL!) and so I have been trying to get creative with it. I must say that I LOVED this recipe. These muffins were just sweet enough, moist, spicy and just overall yummy! I am going to bring some in for my boss so he can see where part of his zucchini went to!

    To Minou: I didn’t get one hint of baking soda in my muffins. Did you use 2 level teaspoons and not tablespoons? Just a thought…because these truly are delicious!!

  • Nancy

    Tried this recipe because of all the raves. Personally, I thought they tasted very plain with an overpowering taste of baking soda. Kept checking to see if I forgot to add an ingredient. Well, I guess you can’t win them all.

  • Minou


    That is all :)

  • Carol

    Just made these with a giant zucchini from my CSA bag. I made the recipe as written, except subbed whole wheat pastry flour for one cup of the all-purpose flour, and subbed Penzey’s ‘cake spice’ mix for some of the cinnamon, omitted the nutmeg. Very, very moist and delicious–my 7 year old son also loved them! I plan to make them again (as the zuccs keep rolling in) and may add blueberries next time, maybe some lemon zest? Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe.

  • Donya

    Tried these tonight with 100% whole wheat flour(soft white wheat)and I whipped the egg whites before adding, as per suggestion, and they turned out AWESOME! My picky kiddos even thanked me for making them after devouring without complaint. Will definitely be making these again. Thanks a million!

  • Carly

    These muffins came out beautifully! Only problem is, the nutmeg was somewhat overpowering, but maybe I am just sensitive? I am not sure. I think I will try to make these again tomorrow with a little less spice. Thank you for the great recipe!

  • suzyskitchen

    From a novice gardener and baker, this recipe was a success! I made a double batch of the original recipe, and added cocoa to the second half. Beautiful muffins!

  • Mary

    Wonderful Muffins! Thanks for sharing such a great recipe… my whole family is enjoying them, and i have linked others to your great muffins via my blog…

  • Lisa D.

    Made this just now with an intimidatingly huge zucc. Very easy to make! I threw in some ground ginger. Delicious. Next I will try some savory zucc muffins with the other half of the squash.

    A tip for those with dry muffins: When you go to preheat the oven, put an baking dish of water on the lowest rack. Then put the muffins in when ready on the middle rack. Do not take out the water dish. The water will warm and boil but the condensation and moisture will stay in your baked dish. Wait until the oven is cool after baking to remove the water dish.


  • Jee

    I made these just now and am munching on one as I type – lol
    I left out cranberries and nutmeg – (didn’t have any) and FORGOT to put in cinnamon (duh) so it has no spice in it but it’s still really good –
    I bought three small sized zucchinis at the grocer and only got about 2 cups when grated (with all the water) and used baking powder instead of baking soda…
    I love the taste and everything but my muffins didn’t brown as nicely as yours did nor did it puff up as pretty – :(
    Could it be substituting the baking soda with powder that caused the problem?
    Also, how hard do we have to beat the eggs? (stiffness-wise…)
    I’ll be making these again with spice next time…and hope they turn out as pretty as yours – :)

    Basically, never substitute baking powder for baking soda in a recipe, or vice versa, unless you make some other calculated adjustments. First, baking soda is a pure base. It combines with an acid to bubble up (try sprinkling a little baking soda on vinegar). Baking powder is just a combination of baking soda and a dry acid, such as cream of tartar. For this reason baking soda goes old quickly, and loses its rising power. The leavening in a baking recipe comes from using eggs, and/or baking powder (base and acid together), and/or baking soda (a base which reacts with the acid in a recipe such as buttermilk). This is all to say that you cannot substitute one for the other without consequences, often negative. Regarding the beating of the eggs, just beat them as if you were going to make them into scrambled eggs, so that the yolk and the whites are completely mixed. ~Elise

  • Judy

    You were right about the butter. I made your muffin recipe using butter after making two loaves with oil. The butter has a lot more flavor and the muffins turned out picture perfect. Great recipe!

  • Pauline

    I made these and something went terribly wrong. Is the Baking Soda amount correct? There was absolutely no sweet taste or spice taste at all. They were bad…..I’m sorry. I have double checked to see what I might have done wrong. The only thing I can question is the 2 teas of B Soda

    The amount of baking soda is correct. I would check your spices, sounds like they might be old if you cannot taste them in the muffins. The other thing that might be going on is perhaps one of the zucchini you used was unusually bitter. This has never happened to me with zucchini, but it does happen with cucumbers. ~Elise

  • Suzanne

    Found this recipe on Google and made it for a brunch party this weekend – OMG! Muffins were DELICIOUS! Got comments like “best muffins in… the world” And they were all gone before supper time.
    Today I’ve cut the zucchinis down to 2 cups and added half a cup each of grated carrot and beets. I also cut the sugar down to 3/4 cup and added flax meal and 1 cup whole oats. Verdict: Less decadently amazing, but still surprisingly tasty and very moist!

    Thanks so much for this website!

  • Irr1107

    I baked them last nite. Taste good and moist. However, it’s a little sweet for me. Is it best to reduce the amount of sugar OR can I use brown sugar instead?

    Either one. There is more air in the brown sugar so I’m guessing on a volume basis substituting brown for white will reduce the sugar content. ~Elise

  • Amy

    I made these over the weekend and was disappointed. The muffins came out great moist but I guess I am allergic to the nutmeg and my face broke out. I also didn’t like the taste. Will try another recipe that doesn’t use nutmeg.

    If you are allergic to nutmeg, I suggest leaving it out of this recipe if you make it again. ~Elise

  • tangledgray

    Made these today. I have no sweet tooth, so I cut down to 1/2 cup brown sugar. I think I may have twelve muffins all to myself, since they’re VERY unsweetened, but the zucchini went in perfectly. I only wish I’d had nutmeg on hand, but I didn’t and had to skip it. Next time… and there will be a next time. I used a bit more than half wheat flour and part oil, part butter… the fluffiness definitely suffered, which is fine by me, but I’d probably up it back to what you recommended if I was cooking for anyone other than my chewy-unsweet-muffin-loving self.

  • Jeanette C.

    Ok, everyone is talking about substituting butter for oil and oil for applesauce, but I would like to know how I should modify the recipe for buttermilk?

  • Lynn

    Thanks for the recipe! I just made it (added a little bit of apple) and it’s great!

  • Helana

    I love, love, love this recipe!

    (PS: I find that around 4 medium sized muffins equal 3 cups shredded).

  • Silvertoe

    These muffins are delicious! Not too sweet, and I made an orange juice glaze to drizzle on top. I also used a combination of grated carrot in addition to zucchini and some raisins. I will certainly be making these again, just deliciously moist.

  • Lisa S

    This is a great recipe and I like that it has less sugar than many others. I made it today, with lots of modifications, and it still came out fabulously. I substituted a gluten-free flour mix for the flour, used a combo of yellow squash, banana, carrot and apple for the fruit, part coconut oil part butter, and chocolate chips instead of nuts. (I added 1/2 tsp of baking powder to balance the banana, though I’m not sure I needed it). Because of the gluten-free flour I made them in muffin papers (otherwise I find muffins fall apart when I take them out) and somehow I ended up with 2 dozen, but I’m sure they’ll freeze well.

  • k

    Thanks for this – I usually stick to my tried and true chocolate zucchini muffins but was looking for something a bit different. These are just the ticket – really yummy! Okay, but I am still a chocoholic, so instead of the nuts or raisins I put in chocolate chips.

  • Becky

    Great muffins! I love zucchini and this recipe was yummy!

  • Melissa (another one)

    This recipe is another beautiful example of why I love Simply Recipes. Zucchini bread lends itself to endless variations, all of which are considered and honored. You’ve presented a strong base and said “go for it”. Thank you!

    I used what I had on hand–a zucchini that grated to about 2 cups, an added carrot and banana to make it about 3. Reduced sugar to about 2/3 cup (the amount in Chick in the Kitchen’s recipe). Some of that was brown, some white. Same with the flour–used up the bag of whole wheat pastry flour and added white to make three cups. Tossed a bit of orange rind in because it was there. Used butter, about a stick (less what I scraped off for something else over the weekend).

    And–awesome. This recipe is a fantastic base, and it’s hard to go wrong.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Diane

    These muffins looked so good, however when I tried them, they were not very flavorful or moist. I followed the recipe exactly. I think they would be better with more spice, brown sugar or honey. A little disappointing.

    Sigh. There are so many factors that go into baking that are beyond the reach of the recipe. If they were dry, then they were probably in the oven too long, given your particular oven and your particular muffin pan. If they weren’t flavorful enough for you, I suggest upping the spice amounts, also checking the age of your spices. Basically if a ground spice is more than a year old, it should be replaced. Using brown sugar is a great idea. You can also achieve the same effect by adding a teaspoon of molasses to the mix. ~Elise

    • Maureen

      I think it’s because baking powder isn’t listed in the ingredients – an over sight? We just followed this recipe and they are tasty but too heavy

  • Julamayo

    I got up this morning and discovered a huge zucchini on my counter (A friend of my husband gave it to him at work) and found this recipe when looking for ideas on what to do with it. These muffins are so delish! I just made them with my two girls (age 5 and 2) and we all enjoyed one warm out of the oven. We strive to eat healthier every day so I made the following changes with perfect results. I used Sucanat as a replacement for the sugar and used one cup all-purpose flour and 2 cups whole wheat pastry flour. We also put in pecans because that’s what we had along with the dried cranberries. We will make these again soon with the summers bounty of zucchini. The best discovery by far is your website. I added it to my favs and will use it over and over, as well as the muffin recipe. Thank you!


  • Karen P

    Great recipe. I was really happy with the results and I don’t bake at all. Very moist and filling! Thanks, Elise.

  • Corey M

    I’ve been looking everywhere for a volume to weight conversion for zucchini. I just made a double batch of these muffins and they turned out great.

    I found that a cup of carrots weighed approx 90 grams. I estimated the zucchini at 50% more than that, due to the additional moisture content, so settled on 150 grams per cup of finely grated zucchini.

    It worked great, good texture. I like extra zucchini so I may try 175g per cup next time. Hope this helps!

  • Debbie

    Approximately how many pounds of zucchini will yield the required recipe amount? I won’t hold you to it. It’s frustrating not buying enough or having too much. A general rule of thumb would be great! Thank you!

    Great question. I’ll try to remember to weigh the zucchini the next time I make it. We just pick the zukes from our garden, so it’s never an issue. In the meantime, perhaps someone else making this has access to a kitchen scale and can leave a comment with the weight. ~Elise

  • Amber

    I made these yesterday, and ate one for dessert last night, one for breakfast this morning, and one for a snack this afternoon. There was a lot of zucchini in my CSA box this week, and I was glad to have a tasty way to use some of it up beyond my usual saute–and-throw-in-pasta-with-other-vegetables routine. The recipe made 16 muffins (filling each muffing cup 3/4 full) for me, so I froze 6, and my boyfriend and I will feast on the rest this week. These were so delicious! Thank you!

  • Julie

    These muffins were delicious! For anyone who’s curious — applesauce works well enough in this recipe as a substitute for the eggs. I didn’t mean to substitute, but discovered at the last minute that I was out of eggs. I made a half recipe (6 super-full muffins), and used 1/4 cup applesauce instead of 1 egg. The only thing I’d change is to cut down on the sugar because the applesauce was sweet — but it seems like the sugar amount would be perfect in the original recipe with egg.

  • Sarah

    You are so right, these are extremely easy to make. I’ve never really baked before, or cooked much at all. I accidentally even bought cucumbers instead of zucchinis and had to run back to the grocery store for the correct ingredient! The muffins were so moist and delicious, thanks for the recipe!

  • chrisg

    My kids absolutely loved these muffins. The zucchini are so big in the garden right now. This is a great way to use them!

  • Michele

    I tried this recipe a week ago and they turned out pretty good. Even with all of that sugar, they didn’t taste too sweet. Though while they tasted good, they turned out pretty dense. I wonder if it was because I forgot to add in the melted butter until after I stirred everything all together? Regardless, these were good enough to try again.

  • Karin

    I tried this recipe yesterday. It made one pan of 6 jumbo muffins and one pan of 12 regular size muffins. I used golden raisins in the recipe and they turned out great. I used butter and I agree that using butter gives a great flavor. I will definitely make this recipe often. Thanks!

  • Beverly

    Hi elise,

    These zucchini muffins are sooo good! just right on the sweetness. I just made them now and my mom really enjoyed it. I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog which help me curb our dining-out habits. Ever since my cousin introduced me to your website, I have resorted to meal planning and almost all recipes are from this site. In fact, my next project is trying the chipotle cake, can’t hardly wait!
    Thanks again, so very much for bringing the love of cooking back to my life.

    Hello Beverly, Wow. I love to hear stories like that. Thank you! ~Elise

  • Natalie

    These are delicious. I doubled the recipe and it turned out quite well. I used 6 small zucchinis to make 6 cups of shredded zucchini. I was short two tbsp of butter, but it didn’t seem to matter. Great with coffee!

  • Marla

    If I made mini-muffins rather than regular, how should I adjust the cooking time/temp?

    It sounds great!

    • rachel

      i did mini muffins and 12-15 min was perfect

  • Robin

    I made these last weekend. They were good but not great- more my fault than the recipe. I like a very moist muffin and mine were more on the dry side. I want to attempt making these one more time; any suggestions on how to make my muffins more moist?

    These muffins should definitely not be turning out dry. I suggest taking them out of the oven sooner, or at least checking them sooner. ~Elise

  • samiya

    Ooooo, I made them, and they were WONDERFUL!

    I left out the cranberries, because I don’t care for them, but it was a really good recipe anyways! Thanks!

  • lesterk

    Does anyone know if you can use other types of squash in this recipe? Or does zucchini have a special quality that makes it ideal for breads and muffins? Sometimes we have an abundance of yellow squash.

    Any summer squash will work fine in this recipe. ~Elise

  • Gloria

    I’m sure this is a huge faux pas, but you did ask for zucchini ideas and recipes. I apoligize profusely in advance if this is a no-no, because I really like this site. :)

    Have you tried Heidi’s Special Zucchini Bread? I really like baking with veggies like zucchini, carrot, and pumpkin but hadn’t found a recipe I was happy with. I made this one on Friday (before I saw this muffin recipe!) and can’t stop eating it!

    I have pleeeenty of zucchini to use up, so don’t worry, I’ll be making the muffins as well.

    I haven’t yet tried Heidi’s recipe, but given how great everything Heidi makes is, I’m sure it’s fabulous. ~Elise

  • Melanie

    I have one finicky eater who can spot the slightest bit of green from a mile away. I tried grating the zucchini on the fine side of the grater to eliminate the strand look and added a few mini chocolate chips instead of nuts. I called them chocolate chip muffins. All 3 of my boys gobbled them up and asked me when I’m going to make more! Also one other thing to try from my grandmother: she added a can of crushed pineapple drained of juice and cut the sugar to 1 cup to compensate for the sweetness of the fruit. Oh, yummy!! It was such a delicious and unexpected combination.

  • Chinya

    These are really good! I made them last night and my four year old son snuck a half muffin this morning before I left for work and polished off the other half when his dad was not looking! I added pecans cause we are pecan lovers and went with cranberries AND golden raisins which I think added a nice “zing.” Thank you Elise for always delivering!

  • Catherine Lewis

    Robin, Whenever you use whole wheat flour ALWAYS separate your eggs and beat the whites till stiff and fold in. You will be very surprised by the results. Works everytime!!

  • Allison

    As soon as I saw this recipe, I knew it was meant to be. I bought several zucchini this week and was worrying about not being able to use them before they went bad. I ran right home last night and made these — and while many of my culinary undertakings tend to go south quickly, these turned out just perfectly. I’m definitely planning on making these a summer staple.

  • Mar

    Would it be 1 cup or 1/2 cup of oil instead of butter? 1 cup seems like a lot.

    The substitution is 1 cup of oil instead of the 2/3 cups butter. If you check other zucchini bread recipes you’ll see that those that call for oil, along with the amounts of flour and zucchini that this recipe calls for, use 1 cup of oil. If you try it with less oil, please let us know how it turns out. ~Elise

  • Kathy

    When in college, I experimented with the substitution of applesauce in blueberry muffins for the ( yes, this was an actual food science experiment)
    a) all egg
    b) all oil or butter (fat)
    c) both egg & butter

    I think that there was a fourth, but we are talking 15 years ago. I think I threw away that notebook 8 yrs ago, when I got married. However, what I firmly remember is: KEEP THE EGGS!! Substituting the applesauce (or plumsauce) for the oil or butter was okay, but I think voce above got it right, only substitute half the fat for the applesauce. Don’t try to do both, the muffins are like little hockey pucks. Substituting the sauce for the oil was okay, but for the eggs was not. Of the experiment, I know we didnt do half oil (there were no second stage experiments), just subst. the sauce for the oil was the best. You really need the lecithin from the eggs, and other egg-leavening properties to get a decent muffin, and don’t over stir!

  • Nancy

    Looking forward to trying these (WITH butter, WITH nuts, WITH raisins). One question: do you squeeze the moisture out of the zucchini before measuring?

    Hi Nancy, No, no need to squeeze the moisture out of the zucchini before measuring. ~Elise

    • barbara steele

      I did drain the extra zucchini fluid off before mixing with other ingredients. Recipe is exact and taste great!

  • Estelle Rouso

    Hello, Just wondering if there is a way to use less sugar and still have the muffin taste wonderful. Estelle

    Why don’t you try it and see? For my taste the amount of sugar in this recipe is perfect. Unlike bananas, which are very sweet, zucchinis are not, so if you cut back the sugar, you cut back the sweetness. But it really is a matter of taste. I’ve seen recipes for savory zucchini muffins with herbs and cheese, and practically no sugar. ~Elise

    • Joyce Mosby

      I looked at several recipes. This already has half what others with the same flour has.

  • Voce

    Ophelia, my experience has been that substituting applesauce for HALF the oil in a recipe works fine. Total substitution makes the muffins way too dense & small.

  • Jeanette

    Someone asked about using whole wheat flour. This recipe works, or you can use half and half whole wheat and regular all purpose flous. I use the half and half myself.

    Zucchini and Carrot Muffins

    3 cups flour (your choice as to the combination)
    3 tsp cinnamon
    3/4 tsp cloves
    3/4 tsp allspice
    2 tsp baking powder
    2 tsp baking soda
    3 large eggs (see note below)
    1 cup honey
    1/3 cup vegetable oil
    1 tsp vanilla
    2 cups grated zucchini, well drained
    2 cups peeled grated carrot
    1/2 cup orange juice
    3/4 cup chopped walnuts or pecans

    Stir together the flour and spices, baking powder and baking soda. Separately blend the eggs in a blender with the honey, oil and vanilla.

    Combine the two mixtures and mix well. Then add the zucchini, carrots, orange juice and walnuts. Stir just until ingredients are evenly distributed. Spoon into greased muffin tins until nearly full.

    Bat at 370F for 15 minutes or until a toothpick inverted in the center of the muffin comes out clean. Invert and cool on a rack. These freeze very well.

    Makes 16 to 18 large sized muffins or 24 regular sized muffins.

    If you wish to bake this as a loaf, put in greased loaf pans and bake at 325F until done. Depending on the size of the loaf pan, they will take anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes to bake.

    Note: I always use extra large eggs now. I have noticed large eggs now seem the size of what medium sized eggs used to be and if you just use large, the recipe is dry or tough, just not the same consistency.

    Note: You can substitute grated apples or pears for the carrots or use a combination of 3 or 4 fruits. All work well.

  • mmc

    I like making a variation of zucchini muffins by omitting the cinnamon and nutmeg spices and adding dried apricots, golden raisins and sunflower seeds.

  • G

    Can you tell us what the butter measurement is in cups? We don’t have sticks over here and I can’t bear the thought of scraping out 10 T worth into a cup and hoping it all made it in. But thanks for including the oil replacement. And do you know if I could use applesauce as a 1 to 1 replacement for the oil.

    Enjoying your site and recipes as always. Thanks.

    Hi G, I decided to change the measure to simply 2/3 cup. Regarding applesauce, personally I never use it as a substitution, though others do. ~Elise

  • Ophelia

    I have a question: Approximately how many medium-sized zucchinis would make 3 cups shredded? And could I make this in a loaf pan instead of muffins?

    So happy to see this! I’ve been looking for a zucchini bread recipe since the zucchinis have appeared at my local farmer’s market. Can’t wait to try it!

    Really hard to tell how big is a “medium-sized” zucchini. Maybe one zucchini will make one cup? maybe 1 1/2? For this recipe I used half of a very large garden zucchini, usually the kind so big that you end up stuffing it. ~Elise

  • Robyn

    Those look delicious and I’ve been staring at my enormous zucchini from my organic farm (CSA). Would it taste much different to use whole wheat flour? (trying to keep the Hubby healthy!)

    All I can suggest is to try it and let us know what you discover. ~Elise

    • Joyce Mosby

      I have been using whole wheat pastry flour and the texture is wonderful. My kids and granddaughter love them.