No ImageReview of the Best (And Worst) Store-Bought Pie Crusts

  1. Carol

    What happened to Old Trader pot pies. I bought them all the time in 2006 timeframe. They were the Absolute best.

  2. Miranda

    So I came here looking for answers about frozen Great Value Deep Dish crusts! And before anyone scoffs at me, I get it! I’m new to making pies and I’m really frustrated because out of 10 egg custards 2 came out perfect! The filling itself is great but I thought my pies were curdling because parts were really hard! I decided to check it closely and it looks like the crust is rising into the pie and instead of filling in that spot it’s crust! Please help!! What do I do if I’m not ready to make my own crust? Has anyone heard of this? What crust is best if I want quick and easy? Thanks to all in advance!

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  3. Angela

    Thank you for this research! I planned to make a pie for a party today with my boss and coworkers (I know the recipe is amazing, I just always used pre-made crust). I had planned to make my own crust for the first time but was chickening out a bit – I had bought Marie Callendar’s brand as a back-up. I’m SO glad I read this article before I decided to do that. I guess I’ll make the pie crust after all – here’s hoping I don’t mess it up.

  4. Carol

    Trader Joe’s frozen pie crusts are outstanding. I used them to make pecan pies for Thanksgiving, and they were honestly just about as good as homemade. Here’s how I dealt with the cracking issues mentioned by other reviewers. First, I thawed the crust on the counter until completely room temp. Then, leaving the crust between the layers of plastic, I carefully peeled up the plastic on each side and dusted with flour. Then, using a rolling pin, I rolled out the crust between the plastic wrap. The cracks disappeared, and this also has the added benefit of making the entire crust a bit thinner (as packaged, I think the crusts are a bit thick, especially if you like to have your pie filling take center stage). Carefully peel back the top layer of plastic, dust crust again with flour, then fold in thirds, dusting each fold carefully. Pick up the folded crust with both hands, gently lay it in the pie pan. Crimp edges well along rim of pie pan so it doesn’t collapse downward while baking. I like to place it in the freezer for a few minutes until firm, then fill with pecan mixture. Brush the edges of the crust lightly with heavy whipping cream, then pop in the oven. Enjoy!

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  5. Michelle

    Thank you for these detailed instructions on how to make the Trader Joe’s dough work! I’m planning to use them tonight and I knot these tips are going to save me a lot of frustration. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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