No ImageSay Hello to the new Air Fryer + Toaster Oven from Cuisinart!

  1. Maryann Robertson

    Hi I just brought this item about 1 month ago a beginner I am looking extra accessories that you can buy like utensils pans etc.Where can I buy them I live in Calgary Alberta Canada thank-you looking forward to hearing from you stay safe/healthy

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  2. Sandra

    Got the Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven a few months ago. I enjoy using it but find it not so easy to get grease off the interior side walls. Tried washing, using a grease remover. Leaves a gritty feel. Also cleaning the bake tray was difficult. Finally I used an oven cleaner, left it on for fifteen minutes , washed and scrubbed with a soapy Brillo pad. Now I place a sheet of foil and use basket to hold it in place. The unit needs to be more clean up friendly.

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  3. jackie

    I purchase the Cuisinart Air Fryer Convection oven as a Christmas gift for myself and I love it! I have made fried wings, grilled ribeye steaks, toast, spinach dip, and garlic bread! And warmed pizza and tortillas. It’s amazing. I haven’t used my wall oven since I purchased the tabletop.

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  4. Nikki M

    This was a gift from my husband! Where has this Cuisinart AirFryer been all my life? I cooked a whole chicken in 30 minutes & it was amazing! The skin was so crispy, and meat so tender & juicy. I stuffed jalapeño peppers with cream cheese & wrapped in bacon! Came out better than using the grill! I would recommend this product 110% !

  5. Diane

    I upgraded from the Cuisinart toaster oven to this one and totally love it. the air fryer is the best and does a great job. If anyone is thinking about getting do it.

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