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  1. Hugh Gruver

    A prayer we always said with our children even before they could speak. It goes like this. Come Lord Jesus, be our guest. Let this food to us be blessed. Amen Our oldest daughter will be 51 at the end of this month and remembers our blessing when she was little. Our grandchildren now carry on the tradition.

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  2. karen hartman

    Looking for a grace for a veterans retirement party

  3. Joel T Keys

    “Lord, some people have food and no friends, and some people have friends and no food. We are thankful that at this table today we have both. Amen.”

  4. Joel W

    (Sung, hands held)

    We thank thee Lord, for Jesus Christ,
    and for the blood He shed,
    we thank thee for, His risen life,
    and for our daily bread. Amen.

  5. Neal Anderson

    I grew up in Brockton Mass. Our swedish baptist prayer sounded something like this:

    sehr a gud a signamonen namen tack

    anyone know what the correct spelling and what it means? All the ancestors are gone now.

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