Sir Kensington’s Classic Vegan Mayo

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I wasn't looking to make a vegan mayonnaise a staple in my pantry, it happened anyway! That's how good this is.


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I am not vegan, but my favorite mayonnaise is a vegan mayonnaise … which tells you something about how good I think it is!

I’m talking about Sir Kensington’s Classic Vegan Mayo. Have you ever tried it? If you don’t eat a vegan diet, you may have never bought it. I first tried it a few years ago when it was still called Sir Kensington’s Fabanaise, a play on the fact that the mayo was (and still is!) made from sunflower oil and aquafaba, the viscous liquid found in a can of chickpeas or leftover after cooking a pot of homemade chickpeas.

Aquafaba has long been known to be a great egg substitute in vegan baking, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it works really well in mayo, too.

The thing I love about the Sir Kensington’s vegan mayo is that it … tastes like mayo, but without eggs, slightly less saturated fat, and no cholesterol. It has a great flavor and consistency, right on par with regular mayo: it’s creamy, rich-tasting, with just a little bit of tang, but without the greasy or super heavy texture you get sometimes with traditional mayonnaise.

I use it freely in any and all recipes that call for mayo: BLTs, tartar sauce, egg salad, tuna salad, you name it.

So while I wasn’t looking to make a vegan mayonnaise a staple in my pantry, it happened anyway! And now I’m not going back.

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Sir Kensington’s Classic Vegan Mayo