Snacks And Appetizer Recipes

Whether you need a casual pre-dinner nibble or something fancy to take to a holiday party, we’ve got all the appetizing appetizers here for you.
A platter of smoked salmon-topped potatoes.
Crash Hot Potatoes with Smoked Salmon
Homemade dark rye bread on a wooden board
Homemade Rye Bread
A dark plate with stacked vegetable egg rolls and dipping sauce
Egg Rolls
Dipping a spring roll into a sauce with more spring rolls on the plate and on a platter behind it.
Fried Spring Rolls
Three crostini topped with savory mushrooms and caramelized onions on a white plate.
Mushroom Crostini
Baked brie with cranberry sauce and candied walnuts on a serving tay with crackers and fruit set around it.
Cranberry Walnut Baked Brie
A parfait glass with mexican shrimp cocktail set on a table outside.
Mexican Shrimp Cocktail
boiled peanuts
Boiled Peanuts
A platter of potato skins ready to be served.
Potato Skins
How to Make Yogurt in the Instant Pot
Instant Pot Yogurt
Brazilian Cheese Bread
Easy Brazilian Cheese Bread
Honey buffalo chicken wings cooked in a crock pot and served with blue cheese dressing
Slow Cooker Honey Buffalo Chicken Wings
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Chocolate-Covered Pretzels
Stuffed Jalapenos
Baked Stuffed Jalapeños
A plate of grilled wings.
Grilled Buffalo Wings
Baked Stuffed Clams
Baked Stuffed Clams
oven fried potato chips
Oven-Fried Potato Chips
How to Harvest and Roast (in Shell) Sunflower Seeds
Cream cheese and crab wontons made in the air fryer
Air Fryer Crab Rangoon
Caramelized Onion Tart
Caramelized Onion Tart with Gorgonzola and Brie
Air Fryer Tostones on parchment paper with a bowl of salt nearby.
Air Fryer Tostones
Cheesy Zucchini Bites
Cheesy Zucchini Bites
Lemon Rosemary Zucchini Bread
Lemon Rosemary Zucchini Bread
A loaf of Moist Pumpkin Bread cooling on a rack with a second loaf in the pan behind it.
Vegan Pumpkin Bread
Vegetarian Samosas on a bed of herbs with one samosa filled with potato and peas alongside a cilantro mint chutney or dipping sauce in a small wooden bowl..
Vegetable Samosas with Mint Cilantro Chutney
Stuffed mushroom caps on an appetizer tray
Classic Stuffed Mushrooms
Easy Baked Indian Chicken Tikki Masala Samosa folded into a triangle with Mint Yogurt Dip on a pink plate with one samosa broken open.
Baked Chicken Samosas with Mint Yogurt Dip
Cheesy bacon stuffed mushrooms party appetizer recipe
Gouda and Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms
Caramel Walnuts
Six Philly soft pretzels cooling on a cooling rack
Soft Pretzels
Pile of Honey Mustard Wings on plate
Honey Mustard Chicken Wings
Turnip Potato Patties
Turnip and Potato Patties
Turkey Meatballs
Turkey Meatballs (That Aren't Dry!)
Camembert-Stuffed Sausage Balls
Pate Maison
Pâté (Pate) Maison
Guacamole Deviled Eggs
Guacamole Deviled Eggs
Deviled Eggs with Blue Cheese
Buffalo Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs
spanish tortilla
Spanish Tortilla
Avocado Deviled Eggs
Green Goddess Deviled Eggs
How to Make Deviled Eggs with Kimchi
Kimchi Deviled Eggs
Cranberry Glazed Meatballs
Cranberry Glazed Meatballs
Grilled Garlic Shrimp Skewers
Grilled Garlic Shrimp Skewers
Pineapple Glazed Ham Balls
Pineapple Glazed Ham Balls
Tempura Fried Calamari
Tempura Fried Calamari
cranberry brie canapes
Air Fryer Cranberry Brie Canapés
Baked Vegetable and Cream Cheese Wontons
Baked Vegetable and Cream Cheese Wontons
Shrimp Coctail
Shrimp Cocktail
Pickled Shrimp
Pickled Shrimp
Peanut Satay Chicken
Grilled Chicken Satay With Peanut Sauce
Vietnamese Sticky Chicken Skewrs
Vietnamese-Style Sticky Chicken Skewers
Ginger Honey Chicken Wings
Ginger Honey Chicken Wings
Eggs Mimosa with Artichoke Tapenade
Roasted Potatoes with Spicy tomato sauce (patatas bravas)
Patatas Bravas (Spanish Roasted Potatoes With Tomato Sauce)
Apple Walnut Gorgonzola Rustic Tart
Apple Walnut Gorgonzola Rustic Tart
Apple Walnut Gorgonzola Turnovers
Mini Apple Turnovers With Walnuts and Gorgonzola
Curried Pork Empanadas
Curried Pork Empanadas
Curried Egg Salad with Mango Chutney
Curried Egg Salad with Mango Chutney
Oxtail Pate
Oxtail Pâté (Pate)
Authentic guacamole in a bowl with chips
How to Make the Best Guacamole
Best homemade hummus in a white bowl
Easy Homemade Hummus