The Friday Buzz: Buttermilk Ice Cream, Modern Love, and Fitted Sheets!

Welcome to The Friday Buzz, our roundup of all good things, good advice, good feelings. It’s the happy hour of blog posts! Up this week: Buttermilk ice cream, Modern Love, perfectly folded fitted sheets, and so much more!

I hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween! November is here and I’m ready to take on all the Thanksgiving things.

My family actually celebrates Thanksgiving the Saturday before the actual holiday. Crazy, I know, but hear me out. My brother-in-law and his family lives about four hours away and is the closest family we have. He is a firefighter and usually has to work on Thanksgiving, so his family has been coming down the Saturday before for about 3 years now, and we love it!

We prep Friday and do our fancy feast on Saturday and enjoy all the leftovers on Sunday and then they go home. Thanksgiving Day is really quiet and peaceful and since my husband is home, we spend time with our kids playing games or watching movies.

What I’m saying is… Don’ be afraid to make your own traditions! We’ve had to adapt to not having family nearby, and some years look different than others, but we try to stay flexible! What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?


We did a lot of chatting back and forth this week, which I always love! Let’s see what our team was buzzing about this week, shall we?

  • What’s for dinner? This recipe from Alison Roman is one of those “looks fussy, but is actually dead easy” recipes. Emma swears that it will also make your house smell AMAZING.
  • Buttermilk Bliss – Summer has been on a mad mission to create the perfect chocolate frosting recipe, so she’s had a ton of egg yolks leftover and ended up making this ice cream!
  • Rudd the Stud – We’ve all discussed how it’s impossible that Paul Rudd is 50! Seems just like yesterday we were watching him in Clueless, and Carrie loves him in this show.
  • We love LOVE! Megan can’t pull herself away from Modern Love. Anyone seen it?
  • Solemnly Swear – Ever since Carrie mentioned these rice noodles in her Pad Thai recipe, Emma’s life has changed forever. So chewy! Never mushy! She has made a solemn oath to herself to never buy any other rice noodles again.
  • Folding Frenzy – I went crazy and organized my linen closet and finally learned how to fold my fitted sheets the right way. How have I managed all these years?!


Y’all are loving on our Vegetable Pot Pie! We’ve got a friendly discussion on deciding if Fall is for POT PIES or for PUMPKIN SPICE. What do you think?


Anne weighed in on our Easy Brazilian Cheese Bread (have you made it yet?) and had the kindest words to say:

So delicious and easy to make. I looked like a hero in the kitchen. I would recommend Parmesan cheese, it is a nice balance and flavor. I have made it a few times and each time everyone thought I spent hours in the kitchen. Thank you!!!!

Cheers to sweater weather, drinking hot chocolate by a cozy fire, and to giving many thanks this month and always!