The Friday Buzz: Inaugural Edition

The Friday Buzz

Introducing the all new Friday Buzz! Every week, the Simply Recipes team will share some of the fun things that made us happy this week. This week: gochujang, The Lemonheads on repeat, a cozy blanket, and more!


Hello! Congratulations on officially making it to Friday, or FRI-YAY, as I like to call it! As we head into the weekend, let’s take a small break from recipes *gasp* and switch things up!

We’re starting a new segment here at Simply Recipes called (at least for the moment) The Friday Buzz. Although our love and passion for creating wholesome recipes runs deep, we wanted to share with you little bits of our lives that have caught our attention throughout the week. I sometimes refer to these as Drop of Sunshine… they’re small and simple things that bring a smile to your face, and who doesn’t want to smile more?!

Before we jump into it, many of you may not know me, so I’ll take a quick minute to introduce myself. I’m Claudia Cash, the Community Manager here at Simply Recipes. A lot of the work I do here on the site is behind-the-scenes and on social media. We have some fun conversations happening over on Instagram, so I’d love for you to join the partay!

Onto our little drops of sunshine!

First up is Emma’s love of GOCHUJANG. Have you ever tried it? Have you heard of it? Apparently, Emma has developed a mad crush on this particular brand and wants to slather it onto everything. We’re talking salads, chicken wings, and even… MAC AND CHEESE. Give it a whirl!

According to Carrie, vanilla gets all the extract attention. #howrude But have you ever heard of CHOCOLATE EXTRACT? She’s obsessed.

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all munched on more than our fair share of Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Eggs. CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP. Grab some up at the post-Easter sales going on this week, or make your own version with this recipe from The Recipe Critic.

Let’s get away from food related stuff and talk about NETFLIX. I know you’ve got a binge obsession (doesn’t everyone?) so I’d love to hear what you’re all watching! Summer is currently head-over-heels in love with this show, Carrie can’t get enough of this one, and I can’t peel my eyes off this one. Have you seen any of them?!

I’ll Do It Anyway” by The Lemonheads is on constant repeat in Summer’s kitchen.

This jar is what every kitchen needs.

Do you have a daily mantra? This is Emma’s.

My mom got me this blanket for Christmas, and my whole family fights over who gets it. Seriously so soft and snuggly! It’s been the perfect companion for me this week as I’ve taken more than my fair share of naps because life is CRAZY right now!

Also, because you’ve made it to the weekend, we think you deserve a cookie. COOKIES FOR EVERYONE! #nomnomnom


Last but not least, we are ever so grateful for our dedicated readers and for the love you show us! Here’s a comment from a reader on The Best Dry-Brined Chicken that caught our eye this week and made us grin from ear-to-ear:

I haven’t tried the chicken yet, but I sure will, just wanted to tell you I have been receiving Simply Recipes for a long time, love them. And also the dry brined turkey I fixed for family at Thanksgiving was the best ever!!!! Simply Recipes is my go-to website for anything I want to cook. As a very senior citizen, I don’t cook much anymore but I will fix something that will be for a few meals, not just one. And you have lots of recipes that will do that. Again, my congrats on the best ever recipe website!!!!

What little bits of life have made you smile this week? We’re always looking for new and fun things to talk about. #gossipqueens I’d love for you to share and I may just add it to our next addition of The Friday Buzz.

Cheers to the weekend!

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Claudia Cash

Claudia is the Community Manager for Simply Recipes, and finds joy building relationships with our readers through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. As the mother of 5 girls, she is passionate about family dinner and having that time together every day to connect with those we love, even if it's over toast and eggs.

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The Friday Buzz: Inaugural Edition