The Friday Buzz: Quick & Easy Eats from the Simply Recipes Team

The Friday Buzz

Here's our roundup of all good things, good advice, good feelings. It’s the happy hour of blog posts! We did something a little different this week and are sharing quick and easy meals that The Simply Recipes Team loves and adores! 


Oh, memories . . . I’m just reminiscing over our fun Simply Recipes team retreat last week! We got together as a team and laughed and sang and cried— just kidding. We mostly laughed and chatted about all the things and how much we love this little corner of the Internet.

One thing that we shared over and over again was our love for quick and easy meals. Believe it or not, sometimes our team struggles getting dinner on the table! *Gasp!* It’s true. Gigantic, feastable meals just sometimes don’t happen, and that’s totally okay!

So for this week’s Buzz, I thought I’d share with you what quick and easy shortcut meals the Simply Recipes Crew were buzzin’ about at our retreat.


  • Slumgullion: This is one of Carrie’s go-to meals. Despite the terrible name, it’s delicious! Take a pound of ground pork (or beef), a large can of crushed (or diced) tomatoes, an onion, S&P, and Italian seasoning and cook all together. Sometimes she throws in some spinach or chopped kale toward the end of cooking. Serve with crusty bread or green salad!
  • Do the Hokey-Gnocchi: Megan gets the cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joe’s (if you want to make your own, we have a copycat version!), put it straight in the pan with a little fat and cook. (Don’t use water!) Mix with some TJ’s vegan pesto, chopped spinach, handful of cherry tomatoes, and sliced TJ’s chicken sausage. Boom. Dinner is served.
  • Freeze the Day: Summer’s family eats a ton of overnight oats, or she’ll make a giant batch of pancakes and freeze them between layers of parchment so the kids can microwave them in the morning.
  • Dumplings for Days: Emma basically lives off Trader Joe’s frozen potstickers.
  • Or . . . Thai Noodle Curry: But when Emma’s feeling the need for something more substantial, she loves a Quick Thai Noodle Curry—Chicken sausage, onions, and jarred red peppers sautéed together, add minced garlic and a few spoonfuls of red or green Thai curry paste. Add one can of coconut milk and let it simmer while you cook some rice noodles. Stir in some spinach until wilted and then stir in the cooked noodles. She eats this almost weekly and is still in love with it.
  • Lime-Butter Pasta: Yes! It’s totally a thing and Andy’s family lurves it so much. It’s like a grown-up’s buttered noodles—ha! Take some lime juice and butter melted/mixed together, then you stir in some powdered Parmesan and pour over any type of pasta you have in the cupboard. So quick and easy!
  • Summer Tacos: During the summer, Emma also makes Corn, Tomato, Black Bean Tacos. You literally just cut fresh sweet corn off the cob, slice some cherry tomatoes in half, and open a can of black beans. Toast the tortillas. Serve with Cotija cheese and avocado slices. SO SIMPLE AND GOOD!
  • I {Heart} Crepes: Crepes are a quick and easy meal for my family. I fill them with homemade yogurt (I always have a batch on hand), top with fresh berries or sliced bananas, and drizzle with honey.


Our Associate Editor, Carrie, is in the thick of reviewing cookbooks for our site, but she really wants to know what kinds of cookbooks you’d like to see being reviewed. You can weigh in on the convo here. We are LOVING all of your suggestions, so KEEP THEM COMING!


Remember how each week we pick a reader comment to share with all y’all? It just never gets old when we hear about all the amazing things that you’re cooking up in your kitchen! This week’s comment comes from Angela on our SPAM Tacos (and if you haven’t tried them, you need to! My family seriously gobbled them up!):

The report card from your kids was pure entertainment and I loved reading the whole thing! I also love good, crispy SPAM, so these tacos totally hit the spot! For my kids . . . not so much, as they’re teens and have been conditioned to believe it’s inedible. But I will definitely add this to my nights when it’s “fend for yourself.” Thanks for the tasty spin on tacos!

Cheers to SPAM Tacos and cheers to another sizzlin’ week!

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Claudia Cash

Claudia is the Community Manager for Simply Recipes, and finds joy building relationships with our readers through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. As the mother of 5 girls, she is passionate about family dinner and having that time together every day to connect with those we love, even if it's over toast and eggs.

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No ImageThe Friday Buzz: Quick & Easy Eats from the Simply Recipes Team

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    I can’t believe one of my favorite recipe sites has resorted to offering me store-bought meals instead :( :( :(

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    Love the Quick Meals post! Please have more, I prefer to eat at home.

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  3. Richard

    i like the Slumgullion, despite its ugly name :-)

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    Oh I’m loving Emma’s Thai Noodle Curry. I think I’ve got all the ingredients in house so this may be our Friday meal. ;)

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    How long do I cook the slumgullion?

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Friday BuzzThe Friday Buzz: Quick & Easy Eats from the Simply Recipes Team