No ImageThe Simply Recipes Guide to Loaf Pans

  1. Molly

    The beginning of the article mentions stoneware, but is not mentioned under the section where it discusses different materials pans can be made from. I have stoneware pans and would be interested to know what the differences are in comparison to the others.

  2. Richard

    My wife makes small loafs of fruit cakes. She bought a lot of little non stick loaf pans to bake them. Problem is the non stick flakes off. I now have a great set of small containers for parts in my shop. We thought grass would be the answer but seems no one makes them in the small size. Anchor lists them but no ones has them so probably no made any more. Ideas?

  3. Shirley

    So many thanks to Sara Bir for all of her knowledgeable information on so many things. I’ve been baking since my youth in 4H some 73 years ago and still learn so many things. I’ve found I can eliminate those old wives tales about things and move on. Keep the good stuff coming.

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  4. Anne

    Thanks for the comment about silicon pans becoming greasy feeling. I have some silicon baking cups that have become so greasy that I stopped using them. Good info!

  5. Anne

    A comprehensive and informative review. Especially liked the parts about sizes and volumes. Thanks!

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