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The best spoon (no, seriously) for getting every last something out of a jar.


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Many years ago I picked up one these silicone scraping spoons at a marketing event, and little did I know it would turn out to be one of my favorite kitchen tools ever.

The Mini Supoon from Dreamfarm ($9.50) is an 8-inch silicone spoon (also available in a longer 11-inch length!) that features a flat squeegee tip, a scooping head, and a bend in the handle that props the spoon up so the head doesn’t touch the counter.

It is the best spoon for getting every last something out of a jar.

I would have wasted cupfuls of peanut butter, jam, and mustard over the years were it not for this genius little scraper. The flat tip is key — it gets into every nook while the rest of the bendy, flexible head wipes clean the insides of any jar. Think there’s no way you have a tablespoon of mustard left for that recipe? Use this spoon and you’ll probably come up with two.

Cheers to good tools!

~ Cambria
Product and Lifestyle Director for Simply Recipes

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Cambria Bold

Cambria Bold is the Product and Lifestyle Director for Simply Recipes. She has almost a decade's worth of online editorial experience and know-how, first as the Managing Editor for Apartment Therapy's green living site Re-Nest (RIP) and later as the Design and Lifestyle Editor for The Kitchn. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband and their two little girls. And, yes, this is her real name.

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    I have one of these! A gift from my MIL that I thought would get lost in the drawers but is actually so handy. I use it for my last use of any plastic or glass jar because it gets them so clean before I rinse them for recycling. And I’m always shocked how much is left.

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Dreamfarm Supoon scraper spoonThe Supoon Scraping Spoon