One Simply Terrific Thing: The Supoon Scraping Spoon

The best spoon (no, seriously) for getting every last something out of a jar.

Dreamfarm Supoon scraper spoon

Many years ago I picked up one these silicone scraping spoons at a marketing event, and little did I know it would turn out to be one of my favorite kitchen tools ever.

The Mini Supoon from Dreamfarm ($9.50) is an 8-inch silicone spoon (also available in a longer 11-inch length!) that features a flat squeegee tip, a scooping head, and a bend in the handle that props the spoon up so the head doesn't touch the counter.

It is the best spoon for getting every last something out of a jar.

I would have wasted cupfuls of peanut butter, jam, and mustard over the years were it not for this genius little scraper. The flat tip is key -- it gets into every nook while the rest of the bendy, flexible head wipes clean the insides of any jar. Think there's no way you have a tablespoon of mustard left for that recipe? Use this spoon and you'll probably come up with two.