One Simply Terrific Thing: The Thermapen Instant-Read Thermometer

The instant-read thermometer that tops all others.

thermapen mk4

At the top of my "how did I ever live without this?" list is one of those small, unassuming kitchen tools that makes you think Oh man, I love this thing every time you use it.

It's an instant-read thermometer, but seriously the best one out there: the Thermapen ONE by Thermoworks.

When you need the internal temperature of something you're cooking -- how's the chicken doing? Is the steak done? Is the chocolate up to temperature? -- speed and accuracy is everything. The Thermapen ONE ($84 right now, usually $105!) gives you a temperature reading within one second. That means you can get that roast chicken back in the oven pronto before it cools down any more!

Other things I love about the Thermapen:

  • There's no fidgeting with an "on" button and waiting for it to be ready; just open the probe and stick it in!
  • Hold it in any orientation, and it will alter the display so the temp always reads right-side-up.
  • It has an automatic backlight so you can take temps in the dark (late-night BBQ, anyone?).
  • It's always on when you're using it, goes into sleep mode when you set it down, and automatically turns back on when you pick it up.
  • The battery (AAA) lasts forever. I don't even think I've changed mine yet.
  • Did I mention it tells you the temperature almost instantly?

I keep ours in a drawer right next to the stove, since I am constantly reaching for it. I love how easy it is it to use, and that it takes the guesswork out of cooking meat.