This Membership Is a Home Chef’s Best Friend

Every minute counts when you’re cooking for family. That’s why we’re excited about Walmart+.

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Women preparing ingredients to cook a meal

Cooking for the family takes longer than the time listed on the recipe. There’s the time you spend driving back and forth from the store, the time browsing through the aisles—for many of us, this includes spontaneously buying some items and forgetting others—and cleaning up after the dishes have been cleared. Walmart+ may not be able to help with the cleanup, but it does turn grocery shopping into something that takes a couple minutes every week, rather than hours.  

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably thinking that convenience comes with a cost. What’s a pleasant surprise is that the cost is less than $100 a year, and the membership comes with additional features that cancel out that price tag. Members enjoy unlimited free delivery from their local Walmart store plus 5 cents off per gallon at Walmart and Murphy stations, in addition to getting member pricing at Sam’s Club stations. For most families, that adds up to more than the $12.95 a month it costs. 

The membership comes with the savings you expect from Walmart. But it was the service itself—particularly the food delivered—that has us so excited. Here’s why we’re convinced that Walmart+ is a home chef’s best friend. 

Fresh Selection

Our biggest point of hesitation before embracing the grocery delivery lifestyle was uncertainty. So it was a relief to hear that Walmart associates pick the groceries from your local store right before delivery, keeping the freshness. It was an even bigger relief to see that training pay off when getting the first delivery, reaching into the bag to find bananas with the perfect color and avocados with the right firmness.

Even the most extensive training wouldn’t make a difference if the produce wasn’t so good. But the high quality of the produce has been one of the most delightful discoveries of Walmart+. Now you’ll no longer have to spend all that time squeezing every peach and inspecting every bunch of kale. Just tap a few buttons and wait for fresh and flavorful fruits and veggies to be brought to your door. 

Ready for Any Recipe

Is there anything more frustrating than going through a grocery store, searching for everything on you list, getting to the last item and realizing it isn’t in stock? That leaves you to choose between going to another store or going with an entirely different recipe. Well, those were the two options before you could join Walmart+. Now you can select nearly everything you need and be confident that it will all arrive as soon as today.

The robust selection of Walmart has other benefits too. Being a Walmart+ member makes multi-tasking easier than ever, since you can add school supplies and clothes to your grocery order. After all, food isn’t the only thing that kids burn through quickly. 

An Errand Eliminated

We should also note that in addition to there being no delivery fees for Walmart+ members, there are also no minimums for next-day or two-day shipping from*. So once you notice that the salt is running low, you can go ahead and order more, even if you just got your groceries for the week delivered the day before. Gone are the days of rushing out to the store while you’re in the middle of prepping dinner. 
*Excludes freight and Marketplace items.

The biggest benefit of Walmart+, however, has nothing to do with groceries. It’s all the added time you get to spend with the people you’re cooking for. It frees up time to help with homework assignments, go out for a walk or even just sit back and watch a movie. If you prefer any of those activities to trips to the store, you should really think about signing up for Walmart+.