No ImageTip: How to Check for the Hotness of Jalapenos

  1. Mimi

    Scrape out most of the seeds and it won’t be hot. Save a few in case you decide you want more heat and toss them in.

  2. Timmy

    I bought home grown peppers and did not know how to tell if they were hot but this tip was amazing

  3. Jacob

    I tried getting a mild pepper using your suggestion. That was that hottest pepper I’ve ever had. I’m not a believer in what you’re saying here. Sorry.

  4. Fran

    Heat in peppers is from an oil. The Thai swear by anything that will absorb oil to remove chilie heat. If your mouth is too hot for you, stick a ball of plain rice in there and suck on it…. very soon the fire will subside. For hands, the idea of salt makes sense as it is hydroscopic. I use a bit of salt and some dish-soap in the palm of my hand, rub it around and wait for a minute and rinse it off. If you have a baby though, or just want to avoid this problem altogether, wear a pair of surgical gloves. Nitrile ones are non-allergenic. :) Happy chilie eating!

  5. MAJ

    If you do touch your eyes after touching the jalapeno, use a clean ice cub to rub over your eye with your lid closed. Regular water, or eyewater (Visine) will not do the trick. Just rub your eye(s) with the ice cube, head tilted back, so that as much of the cool water will run into your eye and soothe it.

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