No ImageTip: How to Check for the Hotness of Jalapeños

  1. Raymond

    This is a very good guide, and accurate. I grow jalapeños and find that even one plant can differ greatly in the intensity and heat/sweet flavor. Seasonal harvest plays a role as fast growing peppers pucked in the summer will be less scorching than slower growing peppers picked in the early fall.

  2. jeff

    I also find the shape gives a hint to the heat level, a straight chili with a round tip will be milder than a strait chili with a pointed tip. A curved chili will be hotter, the more of a curve the hotter.

  3. Charles

    I haven’t tried your jelly recipe yet. We plan to make the jelly in the next day or two. I do make a jalapeño relish and I have put it on everything but ice cream. I have a high tolerance for caliente. I was making up a new batch of relish and bought the peppers at Walmart. Walmart usually has what I call gringo peppers that are mild, I always get a couple of the serrano peppers that are hot mommas in case I need to spice up my relish. So Walmart had this bin full of big smooth, shiny jalapeños, the kind that would make good poppers. When I got home I did the taste test and they were hot. They were too hot. After I made the relish it was like Brylcream. A little dab was too much. The relish was so hot that the heat blocked out the flavor. I only make a quart at a time since I am the only one that eats it. I am going to dilute it with some pimento bell pepper. Your method for checking for heat usually works but as you said, it’s no guarantee.

  4. Pamela

    I grow my own peppers and the regular jalapenos are mild. The jumbo jalapeno plant, they are hot.

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  5. Glen

    The other day I went to three different Fry’s and grabbed 6 jalapenos from each one when I got home I tasted them and they were all like a bell pepper so I don’t know if these are the new hybrids anyway I went to Walmart and I tried three of those I cut the tips off tasted him and they were hot so they were good so then I went to my local con carne Sierra and I tried the same thing cutting the tips off and putting my tongue on it and they were hot it’s sad you know jalapenos were supposed to be mildly hot too hot just sad just said what this world is coming to or should I say what we’ve allowed this world come to

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