10 Tools You Need for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Here's your Thanksgiving checklist for all the pans, tools, and other cookware you'll need for a stress-free Turkey Day. Do you have everything you need?!

Thanksgiving Checklist
Emma Christensen, Elise Bauer, and Coco Morante

The time is nigh. Thanksgiving just around the corner. Do you have everything you need?!

Thanksgiving is a food lover’s paradise -- a time to gather and do nothing but eat. The key to a stress-free holiday is planning: A few weeks before Turkey Day, it’s wise to get your game together and figure out the state of affairs in your kitchen.

Best Turkey Brine Recipe Roasted Turkey in a roasting pan, resting

Emma Christensen

Here are 10 tools, pans, and other essential cookware to dig out of the cupboard or put on your shopping list:

1. Roasting Pan and Rack: This seems like a no-brainer, but if this is your first time hosting Thanksgiving, you might forget! And if you already have a roasting pan, make sure your is clean and ready to go, including the metal roasting rack that rests inside the pan. That rack elevates the turkey, helps air circulate around it, and keeps it separate from the juices that will invariably hit the bottom of the pan.

2. Cheesecloth: I never roast a turkey without cheesecloth—I drench it in good butter and drape it over the top of the turkey, which helps retain some of the moisture. Cheesecloth is also useful for straining broth, steeping herbs, and lots of other meal prep tasks.

3. Turkey baster: If you don’t want to go the cheesecloth route, a baster is key to keeping the bird moist.

Butcher's Twine Stuffed Pork

Elise Bauer

4. Butchers’ twine. You’ll want the wrangle the legs together of this one, so the bird keeps its shape in the oven.

5. A sharp carving knife: My grandfather always cut the turkey with an electric knife, which I used to think was goofy but now I kinda think is cool. In lieu of that, a good sharp knife is essential.

6. Covered casserole dishes: Covered dishes are essential for keeping sides like potatoes and stuffing nice and hot on the table. (Don't have covers for your casserole dishes? Try these silicon lids!)

7. Lots and lots of aluminum foil: I’ve experienced way too many holidays wherein I run out of foil. You’ll need it to line pans, cover dishes, reheat bread, or wrap up random leftovers.

Pressure Cooker Beef Brisket

Coco Morante

8. Fat separator with a built-in strainer: This handy device keeps the fat and other particulates from the pan away from the rest of the gravy when you want to pour it out.

9. Thermometer: Ideally you want an instant-read thermometer, which tends to be the fastest and most accurate. Barring that expense, one that you trust is important. Remember, we’re looking to get the bird to 165°F at the innermost part of the thigh and wing and the thickest part of the breast.

10. Carving board with recessed edges, or an outer trench: A carving board might feel unnecessary when you already have a regular cutting board, but the juices from carving the turkey will inevitably run out and off the board, making a mess of your countertop. Besides you want those juices for the gravy, right?

What other tools do you consider essential for a stress-free Thanksgiving Day?