It's a Big Dill! This Trader Joe’s Seasoning Can Be Put on Practically Everything

Even if you have too many spices in the pantry, add this one.

Trader Joe's storefront

I have a habit of falling in love with grocery store items and using them in I-should-probably-be-institutionalized levels of excess. Some of these products unsurprisingly come from Trader Joe’s, the chain that is synonymous with developing cult-like followings on offerings like cookie butter, cauliflower gnocchi, and Mandarin Orange Chicken. But it’s the store’s newest condiment that has my complete and undivided attention right now and that’s Trader Joe’s Seasoning In A Pickle Seasoning Blend.

This bold concoction takes the flavors you love from a big ol’ juicy pickle—herbaceous dill, tangy vinegar, sharp garlic, sweet onion, and a punch of salt—broken down sans cucumber into powder form and bottled in a standard glass spice jar with a perforated lid.

Trader Joe's Seasoning in a Pickle Seasoning Blend

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How To Use TJ's Pickle Seasoning

Use it liberally to coat fish, roasted vegetables, salads, snacks like popcorn and chips, and practically anything that demands a bit more pizzazz and brightness. You can even pour a heaping teaspoon into sour cream or Greek yogurt to create a dill pickle dip for crackers and crudite, which should obviously include cucumber slices if you’re going full meta.

One of my favorite uses is shaking it out onto my hand to lick after a shot of Woodford Reserve bourbon whiskey. It’s like a pickleback but without the pickle brine. And no, I have absolutely zero shame in doing this.

Trader Joe’s recommends adding a dash or two to flour for dredging fried chicken, which makes entirely too much sense since it’s a play on Nashville Hot Chicken. The chicken is typically marinated in pickle juice, fried, and then served with sliced pickles on top.

But no matter how you choose to incorporate dill pickle seasoning into your cuisine, it’s bound to become a Vlasic—err—classic, much like the store's other seasoning blends based on beloved foods like elote, everything bagels, and sofrito—all of which are also fantastic and deserving of fanfare. I can’t help but wonder what TJ’s development team will come up with next, but I can put money on it (quite literally) being in my pantry and arsenal of foods I simply can’t live without.