Turkey Leftovers

Turkey leftovers recipes from Simply Recipes, other food blogs, and more ideas from commenters.

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Looking for ways to prepare all that leftover turkey from the big day? Here are a few ideas from this site, as well as from other food blogs. Enjoy!

Turkey Leftovers Ideas from Simply Recipes

Turkey Leftovers Ideas from Other Food Blogs

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  • Marc

    Turkey is one of the meats that I have seen cooked in Mexican mole sauce, that amazingly complex blend of chilies, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, herbs, spices, and sometimes chocolate. However, making mole can be a complicated and harrowing process if you don’t pick the right recipe. When I made mole negro (from Zaslavsky’s Cooks Tour of Mexico) last year it was quite a challenge (but sublime in the end), but I have seen other recipes that look pretty easy (toss some stuff in a blender, puree it, then cook it in a saucepan). I think that Rick Bayless’s books have some relatively simple versions. It also comes in jars, and if you live near a large Latino community, the markets might have fresh mole paste for sale (I have read about places in East L.A. that have numerous mounds of different varieties).

  • Ellen

    Turkey hash is fantastic and hardly needs a recipe. Dice half an onion and cook in oil/butter until soft. Add diced potatoes and chopped turkey and a bit of rosemary and cook until the potatoes are crispy. Add leftover gravy and stir until heated. Mmmm! Our other favorite is turkey enchiladas.

  • Rita

    My whole family lives in a little town called “Paradise” in Northern California. At Christmas I travel down from where I live in Vancouver, WA to Paradise. We usually have turkey and tri-tip roast for Christmas dinner. There is never any tri-tip left, but with the turkey leftovers I always make turkey enchiladas for the family usually a couple days after Christmas. You can just find your favorite enchilada recipe (sorry, mine is in my head) and use turkey meat instead of chicken or the other meat you may use. I also make my homemade Mexican rice, beans and guacamole to accompany the enchiladas. And we wonder why we put on a few pounds at Christmas. ;o)

  • Josh

    I come from a house where my father was just your typical meat and potato kind of guy. Didn’t like anything too spicey, didn’t like anything too weird. Now that I’m 25 and a cooking man (many people are impressed at the complicated dishes I make) I still like a good old fasioned turkey sandwhich.

    Just take a few slices of wheat bread, toast them up, add slices of turkey, top with another slice of toasted bread and then pour on alot of gravey. I usually season it with season salt and enjoy! And since I prepare potatoes quartered for Thanksgiving, I just use those leftovers to make a good mash.

  • Sarah

    We made polenta panini with turkey, cranberry, Manchego cheese, and gravy poured over the top. The moist polenta counteracts the dryness of the turkey and the Manchego is a nice complement to the cranberry.

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