No ImageWelcome Emma Christensen!

  1. Carrie

    Why don’t you put nutrition information about the recipes? I like your stuff, but am diabetic, and need to know sugar, and CALORIES!!

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  2. Tony

    I’m a big fan Emma. Mission accomplished. Your recipes, tips and insights really do make baking / cooking interesting and a lot of fun. What a gift, facility for words. In my humble opinion Emma you set the standard. Thank you!

  3. Oak

    Emma, Belated welcome! Any help to get more awesome recipes and ideas would be great and make my life easier! This is my go-to dinner-making site so am so excited about you coming on board!

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  4. Julie Martin

    the two sites I visit are the Kitchn and Simply Recipes, so this is simply wonderful!

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  5. Liz

    You taught me to make sourdough, Emma! I make your “Tartine” recipe every 7-10 days. I like to bake from an overnight rise and I’m getting a wonderful crusty loaf with exactly the light and airy crumb that I like.

    So happy to see you at Simply Recipes!

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