No ImageWhat’s the Deal with Parsley?

  1. Ev

    No one in our household notices a difference when parsley is added to a dish, so we’ve been omitting it for years. When has anyone ever said, “hmmm, this dish is missing parsley”??

  2. Alexandra

    I live in Sweden, and parsley is very popular here as it has been able to grow here well for 100s of years. However, I don’t like parsley. I don’t find it tasty at all. Do you who like parsley enjoy putting a piece of parsley in your mouth or like the smell of it? I still don’t understand what is the deal with parsley.
    I would like more info on what to do when I encounter a recipe with parsley. Do I substitute it? With what? What type of situations do I still add it because I can count on the taste not being distinguishable.
    I mean I do realise that with some foods you have to cook a certain dish to understand how a particular food can mesh well and come to it own right, like how green peppars work in piccadillo. Or how green beans are actually edible all of a sudden when sesame oil and seeds are added.

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  3. jujueJuice

    Parsley can easy be stored and kept fresh in the fridge. At day 7 it’s as fresh and crisp as at day one. How?

    Cut the stems back one cm and place it in a glass jar with enough water to Just submerge the stems a little. Add about a 1/4 tsp coarse sea salt and place a plastic bag over the bunch covering the lot, all way down to include the glass jar. Place it at the bottom shelf in your fridge or fridge door. Enjoy fresh, crisp parsley for the entire week. (check the water every second day. If it turns too cloudy, change it.

  4. Lyn

    Parsley is easy to freeze. The internet abounds with directions. I live in the north where parsley will freeze over the winter. When temps drop to high 40’s overnight I wrap a length of row cover several times around the parsley. Use clothespins to anchor the end of the row cover. Lay a double folded piece of row cover over the top and tuck it down into the side wrapping. Clothespin the two pieces at intervals. While parsley may freeze it doesn’t know it isn’t in the freezer and can be used most of the winter. Next year, in cold country, plant one parsley plant in the most sheltered spot in your garden, like a southwest facing corner, and you will have a parsley supply for most of the winter. When it yellows use your freezer stash.

  5. Christopher

    Eric, you can tell the difference. It’s not the fact of tasting The Parsley itself but that the parsley helps balance out the flavors. It took me awhile to figure this out as well. For instance, I just made a dish there was a little bit too bold but the parsley balanced things out; without the parsley, it would have been a little bit much going on.

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