No ImageWhat’s the Difference Between Green Ripe Olives and Black Ripe Olives?

  1. Glenda Doerhoff

    Why are pimentos not put in black olives?

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  2. Glenda Doerhoff

    Question: Why are pimentos only put in green olives?

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  3. Philip Fortman

    Oxygenated green olives to turn them black are not really ripe despite the label on the can. It is an over simplification to try to just define green vs black olives. Tree ripened olives, like any fruit create a completely different flavor as well as the variety of curing methods and storage before consumption. Anyone who has not tasted the wide variety of olives offered in Italian, Greek, Spanish and Middle Eastern markets hasn’t a clue of what the vast majority of world cuisines have come to appreciate about olives since ancient times.

  4. BoB G.

    The difference is how your completed dish looks. The green or black accents the rest of the platters presentation. Great information, Thank You.

  5. Noreen

    I love both the canned black and green olives! The green I consider a treat because they cost at least twice as much. Any idea why?

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