One Simply Terrific Thing: The Chef'n DishGarden Dish Rack

A compact dish rack that fits inside the sink and holds a ton? This is it!

I have a new dish rack, and it's pretty great.

For many years I used this heavy-duty steel frame dish rack from simplehuman, and if you have the counter space for it, it's a solid choice - sturdy, good-looking, and able to hold a ton of dishes.

But it's a beast, and I eventually grew tired of giving up precious counter space for it.

To replace it I went searching for an in-sink dish rack (I have a double sink) that would hold a lot of dishes and be able to live rust-free in my sink. And I found it!

Chef'n's DishGarden dish rack ($16 from Amazon) is a genius design, and I'm shocked I didn't buy it earlier.

The circular setup, with its array of plastic posts, holds so much more than traditional plates-go-in-these-slots dish racks. You can fit things in at any angle, which lends itself well to piling up. The rack fits neatly into my sink; it's angled so it directs water out a silicone spout right into my sink drain; it's easy to clean; and it only cost me $16.

I've had it for a few months now and am completely satisfied.