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One Simply Terrific Thing: Winco's Fish Spatula

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Don't let the name deceive you. A fish spatula can be used for way more than just flipping fish.

In fact, this fish spatula from Winco ($7) is my favorite spatula to use for almost everything!

The things that make a fish spatula so special the slightly flexible head, the thin, angled edge, the hefty handle make it the best tool not only for flipping delicate fish, but also for sliding under pancakes, cookies, fritters, omelets, basically anything you need to lift off a pan!

The triangular head is wide enough to hold a bunch of vegetables or a burger without some of it breaking off the side (unlike some of my other spatulas), and the slots mean excess oil gets left behind. This also means it's a great spatula to use when frying foods. Is there anything it can't do?

I've owned my single Winco fish spatula for years. The wood handle has faded but hasn't cracked, and the blade is as sharp and effective as ever. It's my cheap little kitchen workhorse!